Care Humanity –Liberia Begins Officering Free Medical Services

MONROVIA-Many years of civil war in Liberia nearly destroyed its entire health system, many doctors and nurses fled the country at the time, leaving 30 physicians to serve a population of over 4 million, according to the World Health Organization.

Now, the population outside of the capital Monrovia still has little or no access to basic health services in response to these challenges, a local non-governmental organization known as “Care Humanity -Liberia established upon a careful institutional assessment visited rural Liberia and has begun offering free medical services to the poor and disadvantaged communities throughout the country.

Speaking in an interview with a team of journalists in Monrovia Monday, March 21, 2022, the Director of the Care Humanity -Liberia Dr. Arthur B.C Wah, Sr.; has disclosed that his organization decided that during the entire period of their stay in Liberia undertaking full medical outreach in rural Liberia including Grand Cape Mount, Grand Bassa, Bomi and Gbarpul Counties because in many of the rural communities in Liberia, there are no registered nurses, paramedics.

“This is awesome; the fact here is that many communities in Montserrado County and throughout Liberia where we don’t have this kind of basic medical service. As you can see most of the people live in these communities, because of the lack of clinics or hospitals, when they are sick they just really stay home and treat themselves or use some traditional means”, he said.

According to him, some may have the means of getting to the clinic, sometimes when they get to the clinic they recommend drugs to them as such most of the prevailing conditions seen in children and adults include skin and infectious diseases, respiratory tract infections, malaria, and diarrhea and dysentery.

These conditions suggest that there is a lack of proper hygiene and sanitary conditions.

“Most of the people in the rural areas of the country are coming with complaints of fever, some are coming with abdominal pain, loose motions, and some are here with skin infections. We have got very, very good antibiotics available with us, top of the line antibiotics, top of the line anti-malaria drugs, and top of the line analgesics.

Dr. Wah told journalists that Care Humanity -Liberia will do all with its powers to aid in building a resilient national health force to mitigation measures to effectively prevent and natural hazards and or disasters in Liberia.

Care Humanity -Liberia will also build a resilient health force and will also help minimize disaster risks, strengthen epidemic preparedness and response system, and reduce its impact on citizens.


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