Cape Mount Election Saga affects Court

MONROVIA-The Temple of Justice was a  scene of attraction  on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 after supporters of Sermon Taylor and  Victor  Watson  clashed.

The confrontation between the two groups led to the glass-door of the entry to the Supreme Court and other subordinate courts  damaged.

The door was damaged by one alleged supporter of Victor Watson minutes after hearing into the ongoing disputed election case that is currently on appeal before the full bench of that honorable Court.

According to information gathered, a supporter of Taylor allegedly took the suspect photo at which time he decided complaining the incident to Taylor to ensure his supporter deletes his photo from the phone in question.

In the process, the sheriff’s went over to Taylor to get him from the scene to ensure his safety since he (Taylor) was still at the court premises.

This action, aggregated the suspect and  became to resist the sheriffs from taking Taylor from the scene until his concern  was addressed, thus breaking the glass-door of the court in the process.

Court sheriff Subdued him and was subsequently turned over to the officer of the Liberia National Police.

According to lawyers in the case, he would be formerly charged and forwarded to the Court of first instance known as the Monrovia City Court for onwards prosecution for his action.

He is also on the spotlight for his violence act at the national elections commission headquarters relative to the same election matter, that led several to sustained juries.

Since the December 8, 2020, special Senatorial election, Sermon Taylor and Victor Watson had been in a legal fight  both claiming victory, despite  Taylor had been officially declared the winner by the NEC.



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