-As the Company Puts Smile On Kinjor Citizen Faces

MATAMBO-Grand Cape Mount County Citizens are now enjoying the social corporate responsibility of the Bea Mining Company that is operating in Kinjor.

As part of the company’s social corporate responsibility in meeting the needs of residents and citizens,   donated several bags of rice and assorted items to citizens and residents of the area.

Receiving the huge donation from the  Company on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the citizens and residents extolled management for such a huge donation during these challenging times.

Speaking further on behalf of the citizens, the Town Chief of  Matambo, Mr.  Abraham Rogers, applauded the company for its kind gesture and its sense of purpose; and apart from its concession operations, has proven to indeed be people-centered.

Additionally, Chief Rogers said, the donations by the company came at the right time and such help would go a long way in rescuing a whole lot of the domestic needs of the dwellers.

He called on the company to keep up such a worthy and impactful gesture to the communities.

Chief Rogers said, the company is now part of their family.

Other citizens who spoke to journalists after the event said the company was going in a good direction and they called on them to remain focused on their community’s engagements.

Bea Mountain, a Mining Company located in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, is meeting up with its   Corporate Social Responsibility program, mostly in  Matamba and a number of communities, especially in its concession area.

Making the donation, the Community Relations head, Mr. Henry Vincent said the company would continue to carry out such engagements in the communities and the county.


He considered the people as one family in the sight of Bea Mountain.


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