“Campaign With Your Tangibles”

President George M. Weah has frowned on the act exhibited over the weekend by members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Young League who were seen parading the streets of Monrovia with a casket with the photo of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai during the kickoff of the October 10, 2023, Presidential and legislative Elections.

President George Weah made the disclosure Sunday, August 6, 2023, when he visited the Eternal Christian Miniseries in Barnesville, Liberia where he went to worship with members of the Church.

The Liberian Leader reacting to the provocative action of the CDC Youth Wing said the action of the youths was unorthodox and it contradicts the beauty of democracy which he strongly believes in. He said supporters of the CDC have a multiplicity of tangibles to campaign with rather than parading with a casket or personal attack.

“You have something to show and they are making noise, show what you have,” President Weah admonished supporters of the ruling CDC. He added that CDcians are peaceful people and he is committed to ensuring it remains as it is adding that the party will not entertain acts that have the proclivity to create civil unrest.

“During this campaign period, he wants the party’s supporters to use what he has done over the last five years as their campaign messages instead of personal attacks and uncivil acts. Weah is convinced that their tangibles are innumerable and it has what it takes to secure his reelection.

Liberia is among hundreds of other countries that have committed themselves to tens of magnificent national and international peace policies, and the state (Liberia) is also governed by exquisite laws which have on countless occasions been undermined due to the deliberate refusal of the very same people that crafted those laws to concur and act in accordance with it.

Unarguably, this is synonymous with a possible threat the prestigious “Farmington River Declaration” might suffer if the needed checkpoints are not erected in due time.

As per the National Elections Commission (NEC) October 2023 General Elections scheduled, the campaign officially kick-started on Saturday, August 5, 2023. However, with the existence of the Farmington River Declaration,” a lot of Liberians expected a moderate and responsible process void of some mistakes that were made in past elections that somehow led to violence.

Sadly, it wasn’t played as many expected as Liberians watched with their naked eyes how supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) paraded the streets with a casket with an image of the Standard-bearer of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

This, which many Liberians condemned, was not only awkward to be seen but it also is enraged with an influence to undermine commitment made by the same political parties through the Farmington River Declaration.

In what appeared as a counter-reaction to this, some supporters of the Unity Party (UP) in parts of Sinkor and central Monrovia later the same day, were seen parading the streets, and singing, “We don’t want Kush,” a harmful substance that continue to kill young Liberians, maltreated and leaving others mad in recent time.


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