Calm Restores to Ganta

GANTA-Relative calm has returned to Ganta, the provincial city of Nimba following two days of demonstrations  which led to the setting  ablaze properties, police spokesman said.

Moses Carter told reporters that   the city is calm and people are returning to their normal activities.

It can be recalled  that on Monday an eviction order from  a court  was  resisted by some family members over  a parcel of land which has been a point of contestation for over a decade.

Two family members from the Mandingo ethnic group, Donzos and Jabateh on one side and Mr. Fred Johnson of the Mano Ethnic on the other hand have claimed ownership.

Johnson filed a complaint to  the court and after almost 12 years, he was declared the legitimate owner of the land. But the two families resisted court order. The largest warehouse in the city was set ablaze by unknown persons.

“We woke up this morning and  saw  the place on fire. We do not know who set it on fire,” one eyewitness in the place told this paper.

Many stores  were closed as well as schools.  It is not known how many arrest were made and there was no immediate report of casualty  were reported.




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