-Calls on Them to Speedily Enact the Gender Equity Bill

MONROVIA-Exactly at 4:03, President George M. Weah mounted the podium to address the 54th Liberian Legislature on Capitol Hill to inform them of the gains he has made and what is expected of him in the coming year.

The move was a fulfillment of the constitutional mandate as spelled out in Article 58 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

Article 58 of the Constitution of Liberia mandates the President of the Republic of Liberia to on the fourth working Monday of each year appear before the Legislature to inform the people of Liberia through their representatives (the Legislature) about the state of affairs of the economy and the legislative program of the government of Liberia.

One of the first things he spoke on was the gains made along with members of the Liberian legislature over the time of his administration (five years).

He reported that members of the Legislature have passed two hundred (200) landmarked legislation since he took office in 2018 with 56 passed in 2022. Of the 200 Bills passed, he named a few that he said directly affect Liberians.

The Land Rights Act gives rights to ordinary Liberians to own land, the Local Government Act that allows Liberians to elect their own local leaders, and the Power Theft law which puts Liberia in a better position to stop criminals from short-chaining the revenues of the country.

He laid emphasis on the Kamara Abdulla Kamara (KAK) Act, a law that decriminalizes speech offenses something he said has witnessed the emergence of new media outlets in Liberia.

Also, President Weah thanked the lawmakers for passing the Domestic Violence Act, an instrument intended to protect women and children against violence in Liberian society in all places including homes, institutions of learning, and workplaces.

According to him, one of the most achievements by the lawmakers was when they passed the Dual Citizenship Law. He called on Liberians in the diaspora to make their way back home and enjoy the county and also help develop it saying, “Once a Liberian always a Liberian.”

Although he has passed 200 laws since he (Weah) assumed the mantle of authority as leader of the country, but was quick to remind lawmakers about instruments that are still before them as the Liberian Corruption Act and other proposed legislation.

The Liberian leader in his commendation of the lawmakers pledges his support to the Gender Parity Bill which is in the making by the Women Legislative Causes of Liberia.

He told the lawmakers that when the instrument surfaces before them, they should attach some level of exigency to speedily pass it.

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