MONROVIA-Political names and slogans are said to be taking over the corridors of the Country ahead of the crucial October polls.

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, the opposition Collaborating Political Parties officially named its team with Alexander Cummings as the Flag Bearer while Cllr. Charlene Brumskine was named as Vice Running mate under the political name, Fixer one and Two.

A few weeks ago, the Opposition Unity Party as part of its plans to take over state power also coined its political name as Rescue one and Two.

Well, the name Rescue One and two by the opposition Unity Party did not go unnoticed by the ruling establishment especially when it has been a household nickname for the Chief Of Protocol at the Executive Mansion, Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo (Rescue Mother)

Speaking for the first time on the name which has now become a political cliche, Amb. Bundoo said her nickname was not chosen by herself but rather by people who live she has transformed through the blessing of God.

“To be a Recuse Mother, God himself has to bless you in order to bless people”, she emphasized.

According to her, the work and assistance she has rendered to people which has helped changed their lives were done from her heart void of politics.

Rescue Mother she pointed out is not lip talk but rather a visible impact on the lives of the ordinary people for which, “I have done and I have earned the name as a sound of appreciation from the many people I have helped with the blessing of God, she added.

“Rescue someone and let it be visible and even if you do, do not mention it because it only comes from God, Amb. Bundoo noted.

The Chief Of Protocol at the Executive Mansion statement to executive mansion reporters upon President George Weah’s return to the Country on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at the Roberts International Airport in Lower Margibi County may not be a direct response to the opposition Political nick name Rescue one and two but appears to be a strategic statement and will be the political talking point for the week going forward as a possible response from the opposition will be obvious mainly when both the ruling establishment and the opposition blocks continue to battle politically in order to win the hearts and souls of the electorates.

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