Brutality Victim Discharged From Hospital

...As OK FM Presents US$880 To Mother

MONROVIA-A little boy who was brutally beaten by his father with four teeth broken in Gbapolu County has successfully been discharged from the ELWA Hospital following the completed his treatment.

The treatment of little Peter Brooks was made possible following the intervention of several individuals and organizations including OK FM, a radio station that was very instrumental in carrying out public awareness about the child’s plight.

Following information about the boy’s situation, OK FM took interest in the child’s plight and embarked on massive publicity something that led to funding raising to enable little Peter Brooks to undergo treatment at the ELWA Hospital.

As several individuals and organizations learned about the plight of the little boy, the station (OK FM) raised L$79,970.00 and US$680.00 to settle the hospital bills and other expenses of the child.

Yesterday, following the completion of the treatment, OK FM presented an amount of US$880.00 to the mother of little Peter Brooks to enable her to underwrite other expenses of the child and also settle in Monrovia for now till the child’s health can improve.

It can be recalled that following an appeal to philanthropy organizations, prominent citizens of Gbapolu County, and goodwill individuals in the country and abroad, OK FM, one of Liberia’s premium radio stations in the country raised an amount of US$1500 for the little child who was reportedly brutalized by his father in Gbapolu County.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Clarence Jackson, Station Manager of OK FM noted, “This kid, 9 years old lost three (3) of his front teeth after his father severely beat him for 900 Liberian dollars he gave his father to keep. He was brought to Monrovia for treatment but has been home because his mother doesn’t have money. Today, we (OK FM) raised nearly one thousand five hundred (US$1,500 for his treatment on the OK Morning Rush.”

Recently, it was reported that the father of a little child has been accused of beating on his child unmercifully thus leaving him with four broken teeth. The report furthered that the mother of the little boy, Madam Yassah Jallah narrating the boy’s ordeal said little Peter Brooks was beaten by his father over an amount of L$900 which he reportedly gave to his father for saving to take care of his  Gala Day program fees.

Madam Jallah further disclosed that Mr. Brook got annoyed over the L$900 issue and strike little Peter on his mouth making him to lose four of his teeth something that resulted to a serious medical complication.

Meanwhile, the mother of little Peter Brooks has lauded the management of OK FM for the crucial role it played in ensuring that the child received the needed treatment at the ELWA Hospital and the provision of money to take care of her son.

Madam Yassah Jallah also thanked organizations and individuals of goodwill who came to her son’s aid when she couldn’t afford to send her son to the hospital following the incident. She praised the lady who hosted her, and her son when they came to Monrovia and others including the New Republic Newspaper family for their continuous publication of the situation.

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