BREAKING NEWS : (Update at the bottom) Several wounded in Students Protest—By Mark N. Mengonfia

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Serious protest is ongoing in Liberia’s capital Monrovia where students from the Monrovia Consolidated School systems (mcss)  who  took to the streets in demand of their teachers’ salaries have been wounded and several arrests made.

The students have gone in the streets to ensure that government pays their teachers who they said have not been paid for about 3 months.

“We have to come out to protest. They have not paid our teachers. How do they expect us to learn? That is the reason we are protesting,” one student from the government run institution, Tubman High School said.

Many of the students have already been  arrested by state security, beaten on while some journalists were physically flogged while providing coverage of the situation.

Police has fired teargas to disburse the students thus affecting ordinary citizens who were going about their daily activities.

The students have said that they will not leave the streets until their demands to have their teachers’ salaries  are paid.

” They government is about to pay zorgos but is unable to pay our teachers who should. For this reasons, we will not leave from the street” Morris Kollie remarked.  Sheik Konneh is one of the students who was direct victim of the situation.

Student Konneh during the standoff, fainted and was taken to hospital by state security  officers.

As it is now, some of the students have gone to other private run institutions to disallow them from writing their test if they in government schools can not write their test.

“We are calling on parents to come get their children from here because other students are demonstrating here. We have asked all students to remain in door,” a teacher of one private run school, Levi Middle school  told New Republic on phone.


Eyewitnesses told New Republic that over twenty  students were arrested so far. “I heard  that 20 students, mainly from the Tubman High School and other public schools.  For those injured, I ca not say. But I saw five students,” Alfred Kollie, a student said.

Some of the students placed blockade for the president George Weah’s convoy that was en-route to work. Presidential guards attempted  forcing the students  to leave remove the roadblock.

When contacted the police spokesman, Moses Carter for comments his phones were off.  TNR



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