BREAKING NEWS : President imposes curfew in Maryland

MONROVIA-President George Weah on Wednesday declared   a dust to dawn curfew  in Maryland County due to violent activities  which have led to the destruction of properties.

The president made the statement on  state radio. He said,  the Curfew  has been imposed from  April 1, 2021 from 6am to 6pm until further notice.

“I am  concerned about the recent development in Maryland country.  I have been informed about the gruesome killing of  a young man in  Harper city, Maryland recently. Although the suspect was apprehended  by  the police and incarcerated pending subsequent investigator in accordance with  due process of the law,” he said.

He  condemned the action which led to the burring down of police station and osier public buildings in the city.

The Speaker of the  House of Representatives  Dr. Bhofal Chambers house was set ablaze by angry protesters.

They are protesting over the gruesome murder of a  student–Medical Nyemah.

The Political officer  for the  Speaker , Solomon Wakings earlier said  his boss  was broken down by the sad news from his county. ” We are getting the information, but the Speaker is not happy with the report.”  According to Wakings rumors received by the citizens was the Speaker was sending police to the county to beat those  who have gone in the streets with the protect.

President Weah said, Any grievances  should and must be  channeled  through the legal process as government  will not Condon  any lawlessness  and violence at any time  and form on anyone.

“In order to  keep the  peace and ensure that law and order prevails, a curfew  is hereby  imposed thought out the  Maryland county  from tomorrow April 1, 2021  from 6pm until  6am until order  wise ordered. This curfew will be straightly  enforced by the police  who will be supported by joint security. All residents  of Maryland county are  advised to take heed and govern themselves accordingly.”



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