MONROVIA-Armed plainclothes and unidentified police officers rained  terror at Palm Spring Christmas Eve, according to eyewitnesses at the hotel.

A New Republic reporter  that arrived on the scene  saw that many people were panic filled  at Palm Spring.

Upon arriving on the scene as Cllr. Swaliho Sesay, one of the lawyers for the hotel  was addressing a group of police officers, our reporter  heard   the Cllr. stating  that two armed and unidentified police officers under the pretense of carrying  an arrest order from the court in Paynesville, with what the Cllr. described as a fake Arrest Warrant, forced their way onto Palm Spring property causing fear and pandemonium.

After repeatedly asking the two officers for the  Writ of Arrest, it was revealed by one of the officers that they were not in possession of a Court Order. When Cllr. Sesay reviewed the Writ, he immediately became suspicious, taking a picture of the document and sending it to his legal partner, Cllr. Arthur Johnson. Cllr. Sesay was heard stating that the Writ looked to be a  text messaged to the officers who then took it for print.

When asked how only two plain clothes officers were on the scene, bypassing all legal procedures, including notifying other internal police agencies and departments, one of the officers revealed that the order came from the office of Deputy Director 101, Sadatu Reeves.

The officer further stated that Sadatu Reeves was on the scene but left after the failed arrest occurred. Moreover, it was stated that madam  Reeves  was the one who sent a radio alert that officers were being attack  at Palm Spring. An action that could have turned very violent  quickly if the officers who came on the scene were not professionals.

While on the scene, admonishing the two  officers  one could be overheard by the arriving officers who when reviewing the Writ, immediately called attention to its legitimacy. One of the Officers stated” you pepo are the reason why the police name is sweet in pepo’s mouth”.

Within ten to fifteen minutes of receiving the “Writ of Arrest”, Cllr. Arthur Johnson called Cllr. Sesay and stated that no Judge or Clerk signed an Arrest Order. The Judge listed on the Writ of Arrest stated that he did not see or sign the Writ of Arrest. The Prosecutor was contacted as well,  who later said, he knew nothing about the arrest order.

Why would two-armed police officers rush onto Palm Spring property, withdraw their weapons to facilitate a fake arrest on orders allegedly  from the Deputy Director of Administration, Sadatu Reeves?

Given the number of mysterious killings, and according to some of the employees of Palm Spring, they believed that Deputy Director Reeves may have wanted to hurt Najib Kamand, the owner of Palm Spring for throwing her and one  Joe Kpoto off his property sometime ago.

An employee who wished to remain anonymous stated that Joe Kporto and Deputy Director Sadatu Reeves stayed at the hotel for free from sometime in 2018 to 2020. They even managed the hotel at one point. When asked to recount what he saw and heard, the employee stated that two men in street clothes, who are now identified as police officers, came to the gate several times saying that Palm Spring called them to investigate a theft but when asked to show identification, the two refused. “They would not even tell security their names”.  “When they came again around 4, 4:15pm, they ran through the opened gate and straight to the passenger side where the owner of Palm Spring was sitting. The one man reached his right hand inside  of the car and his left hand on the car door handle.”

“We thought the two men were rouges because the company was making Christmas payments in cash. Workers were there with their  children and the man at the car pulled out his gun. Everybody started yelling and screaming. Even when they put them outside, the other one pulled out his gun”,  the employee said.  Then they lied and said that thirteen men jumped on top of them. One said to his friend call 101, call 101 and tell her that thirteen men jumped  on us”. We all started laughing, what thirteen men. Only two security officers put them outside”.

When contacted later, Cllr. Sesay stated that his office was told that it was alleged that Atty. Enoch Galolow who wrote the Writ. Cllr. Sesay further stated that when contacted, Atty Galolow stated that he knows nothing about it.

The Palm Spring employee stated that, “those two people, 101 and Joe Kporto did plenty things while here. No salary payments even though the hotel was full. Putting employees against each other with lies. We even heard that the Kporto man was telling people that he was part owner”.

According to the employee, Deputy Director Sadatu Reeves herself came to pack their load and she was very angry, allegedly vowing revenge against the owner.

But when this paper contacted madam Reeves, her phone rang without any answer. It appears that she was out of the country. But when the spokesman of the LNP, Moses Carter was called, he promised to get in contact with her to revert to  this paper. But  up to press time, there was no feedback.

Meanwhile, the manager, who  is a British national has informed the embassy  and the police for immediate investigation .

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