Booker Washington Institute Awards Fifty-Eight Students for Their Academic Performances

MONROVIA-The Booker Washington Institute has awarded fifty-eight students for their excellent academic performances during the first semester exercises.

Reading the academic reports, Jacob Swee, the Vice Principal for Instructions lamented that these fifty-eight students have reached the benchmarks of the institution thus leading to their achievements.

He mentioned that the awards are divided into two categories which he named as the High Honor and Honor Roll categories.

 He added that students whose average ranges from 80-85% are formed in the Honor roll category and students whose average ranges from 85-89% are formed in the High Honor category.

According to Mr. Swee, fourteen students out of the fifty-eight honorees reached the bench of High Honor while the remaining forty-four students are all Honor roll students.

He at the same time used the occasion to encouraged students of the institution to keep focus to their education as the future depends on their expertise to move forward.

Some of those students awarded are; Philiphine Tarplah, Adama Kromah, Emmanuel Tarwo, Feddesline Hassan, Abraham Zekiebah, Josiah Woezia, etc.

For her part, Student Philippine Tarplah who addressed the media on behave of the honorees lauded the school’s administration for seeing the need to appreciate them for their effort made academically to reach this far.

She stated that the Booker Washington Institute is a technical and vocational institution that has impacted the lives of many Liberians who are making headways in and out of Liberia; therefore students who have the opportunity to attend BWI should take their studies very seriously in order to be a part of those who will be awarded next academic year.

Miss. Tarplah cautioned her fellow honorees to see these awards as a pathway to greater ones in the future,

 “My fellow honorees bearing these awards today is a plus for us, we should see it as a way of achieving many categories of honor in and out of Liberia in the future”, She laments.

The program which marks the certification of several students of the Booker Washington Institute academic 2023-2024 brought together over thousands of parents and well-wishers from across Liberia.

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