Bong County Seals Deal With Jalk Enterprise To Transform Kpatawee Waterfall

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-To Be Used As Tourist Site

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By Mark N. Mengonfia –

Kpatawee Waterfall located in Central Liberia, Bong County will soon become a place of attraction  as county authorities and a private institution have sealed a deal to transform the area into a tourism site to benefit citizens of the area.

Bong County Superintendent, Esther Walker in an interview at her office in Gbarnga, Bong said her administration was in the need to place a bidding process to the public for the Kpatawee Waterfall to be taken over as an area that will help citizens of Bong receive some funding.

“The Kpatawee waterfall, that is a tourist center, I decided that we should not just have it when we want to drink and go there bust battles. So, I wrote all around, put it on the news and people applied and Jalk Enterprise was successful and won the bidding,” the Bong Superintendent who is currently mourning the death of her son said.

According to her, the institution has already brought people from Ghana to have Liberians mainly citizens of Bong trained in rescuing and as well to clean the water and the surroundings.

She as well indicated that the institution will have the construction of huts and other structures which will be used by tourists when they visit the site upon completion.   

Superintendent Walker intoned that 15% of the proceeds is allocated to the Kpatawee clan, 15% to the hut rentals, while 20% benefits the county and 50% directly goes to the institution who won the contract. The fluent Bong Superintendent indicated that her dream as deputy of the president in the county is to ensure that the living conditions of citizens of the area are improved through the level of advocacy.

She maintained that she seeks at all times good working relationship which she and members of the Bong Legislative caucus; she said will greatly help them to understand and work in the interest of citizens of the County.

According to her, although she took over the county with a budget of two- hundred and thirty- thousand (US$230,000.00) thousand which she said was allocated to meaningful projects in the County.

She indicated that with that money, they have completed the Superintendent Compound and are working on other projects they inherited for past leaderships. Additionally, she said as a superintendent, she and her team are making positive moves adding that as part of those initiatives intended to help Bong Citizens, USAID has started working with them to ensure the county gets electricity, targeting major hospitals and institutions.

“USAID has agreed to build small hydro on the Kpatawee Waterfall,” she went on to say.

She added that newly elected lawmakers are also striving to complete projects they inherited from former Lawmakers.

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