Bong Citizens commend Pres. Weah

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Bong County-Several citizens in Bong County are commending  Liberia’s Chief Executive,  Dr. George M. Weah for his commitment to promises made to them, during his recent tour in the County.

During the President’s visit to the County, among other things, promised to aid the  effort of Representative  J. Marvin  Cole of Electoral District number three who have been planting some street light in the County.

The Bong County citizens made the statements through an phone in program on the various local radio stations in the County.

Since the Liberian leader promised to the citizens of the installation of streets in Gbarnga City, said exercise has already begun in the County.

According to our Correspondent, the citizens believe the President’s promise is now being fulfilled, as holes are being dug along the main streets for planting of the light poles.

Our Correspondent said from the day the President made the promise, the Technical Team from the Ministry of Public Works has been on the ground ensuring that the project is implemented.

The capital of Bong County, Gbarnga has been described  by many travelers as a dark city, so many Bongese believe lighting up the city will serve as great security relief, and enhance free movements of people, especially during night hours.

The Bong County citizens are at the  same time lauding the Liberian Chief Executive’s  for the construction of the 100 Pro-Poor housing units in the County.

According to the Bong County citizens, what they are now benefiting from the Weah led government is it unprecedented on ground that  past governments have not done said development in the County.

They revealed that since 1964 when the County was established or gained  its  county status no government has undertaken said development.

The Bong County citizens recounted the completion of the Gbarnga street pavement, which started under the regime of the Unity Party government or Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government which came to a standstill in 2015 in the County.

They said due to President Weah humanitarian or do-gooder way he and his government were again able to get a team from the Ministry of Public Works to complete the pavement of the street.




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