…for Road Rehabilitation

Bomi County-Several residents of Coleman Town,  Bomi Highway have extolled the management of Western Cluster Company for rehabilitating the Tubmanburg to Montserrado road within a short period.

Expressing gratitude to the company’s management and that of the Liberian government for the collaboration to ensure that their road is rehabilitated. Coleman Town Chief Suku Sheriff indicated that the road is now a much better than its previous condition, through the intervention of Western Cluster.    “For now, the road is a little better because we used to take an hour before to go from here to Monrovia. For the level of work that has been done on it by the western cluster, it is much better,“he said.

Chief Sheriff, however, wants the government and that of the western cluster to rebuild their road.

Also appreciating   Western Cluster for its intervention on the road is  J. Romell Cummings a resident of  Coleman Town noted that the road is somehow better and is releasing them from the difficulties they have been undergoing due to its deplorable condition before the company’s involvement. 

“ To be honest, I believe ten is better than zero, I am happy because we used to take one hour, or two hours from here to get to Montserrado, but now, we are taking like forty-five, to one hour to get to Montserrado.   Cummings recommended to the government for Western Cluster to keep reconditioning the roads from Bomi to Montserrado.  

Morris Nyeken in a joyous mood historized the importance of the company’s intervention “   Yesterday I went to town on this road and I thank God for the road because it is much better, only from Klay to get to town the people have much work to do on the road, but from Klay to Bomi Hill the road is better.  The work is ok just that they have not yet completed the work”. 

He further indicated “I just want to thank the government and Western Cluster for the work they have started doing. We appreciate the work Western Cluster is doing on our road. Currently, the company is rehabilitating from Klay to St. Paul Bridge

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