Bogus indictment

…Cummings describes ongoing charges by ALP

MONROVIA-What appears to be a harsh word from the soft-spoken leader of the Alternative National Congress-ANC leader  Mr.  Alexander  B. Cummings has been released by describing his indictment by Mr. Benoni Urey as Bogus.

Mr. Cummings and two other officials are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor for alleged alterations of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) framework document. He has denied such allegations.

They were taken to court by  Mr. Urey’s  All Liberian People  Party(ALP) for what the party termed as forgery and criminal conspiracy.  Mr. Cummings made the statement this week on Local radio-Sky when he appeared as a guest on the program.

According to him,  the entire case is politically motivated and orchestrated by the ALP  inconsonant with the Unity Party, headed by the former vice president, Joseph Boakai who wants to run for the 2023 presidential election.

With the description,   Mr. Cummings said he would remain submissive to the legal process, but would at the same time protect his reputation because his political opponents were aimed at tarnishing it.

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