Boakai Vows Rigid Fight Against Corruption

Unity Party National Chairman, Rev. J. Luther Tarpeh, has vehemently disclosed that President- elect, H.E. Joseph Nyuma Boakai, will retire any of his government officials who will not deliver in the JNB-JKK Administration.

Outlining Unity Party’s vision for Liberia under the incoming administration of President-Elect l, Joseph N. Boakai and Vice President-Elect Jeremiah Koung, Rev. Tarpeh conveyed a commitment to combat corruption, asserting that the new government will usher in a transformative era for the nation’s economy.

Rev. Tarpeh said the Boakai-led Government will consider competent and action-oriented people with expertise to work in the JNB-JKK-led government and all officials would be required to declare their assets, signaling a dedication to transparency and accountability.

The Unity Party National Chairman at the same time disclosed that corruption will be fought at every level of the Boakai-led Government and Liberians’ interests will be considered highly for the transformation of their country.

He said the incoming Boakai-led government will set good precedence on governance and there will be no room for bad leadership.

Speaking recently in a radio interview in Paynesville, Rev. Tarpeh said those who will be trusted with leadership in the incoming government are people who will consider steering Liberia towards becoming an economically impactful nation.

Highlighting the party’s stance, Tarpeh stated that Liberians deserve better under the JNB-JKK leadership and underscored the importance of holding those entrusted with government positions accountable for delivering tangible improvements in the lives of the Liberian people.

Tarpeh’s address conveyed a sense of urgency, characterizing the party’s commitment as more than political rhetoric. He framed it as a rescue mission for the nation, with the assurance that the promises made would translate into real and positive changes in the lives of the Liberian people.

Source: Spoon Network


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