-PYJ Says of His Presidential Ambition

MONROVIA- – As the electioneering period in 2023 tickles day by day so are those attempting to throw their hearts in the race are facing public scrutiny already. Ambassador Joseph Boakai, a highly recognized opposition politician being grown by the Unity Party and its supporters, is the latest to be subjected to the sword of vilification.  Considered by many as kings maker because of his strategic position as ‘father of Nimba County, a vote-rich region in Liberia, Senator Prince Johnson is not holding back in punching the former Vice President. As the New Republic reporter’s Washington Watson writes, Johnson, aliased PYJ, believes Boakai does not have the wherewithal to be President of the Republic.

As former Vice President Joseph Boakai is not leaving any stone untouched in ensuring that he takes over the helm of power in Liberia, so is Senator Prince Y. Johnson is not giving up on ‘putting sand for his gari.”

Noted for speaking truth to power and calling ‘spade a spade’, Senator Johnson has called on Amb. Boakai to relax his ambition for the presidency as he is no longer fit to govern the country.

PYJ, a staunch supporter of President George Weah, described Mr. Boakai, Political leader of the Unity Party political as an ungrateful person who was rescued by President Weah by sending him abroad for medical treatment.

The intervention made by President Weah, Johnson claimed is the reason the former VP is alive.

Senator Johnson seemed to be enraged by Boakai’s recent description of President Weah as a boy when the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) crowned as its new Chairman.

At the occasion, the former Vice President  said “I told  the people of Liberia not  to give  the country to a ‘boy’  during the 2017 presidential elections.”

He claimed the ‘hardship’ Liberians are facing is the result of the decision they made by giving a man’s job to a boy.

Apparently reacting to the CPP Chairperson’s assertion, Senator Johnson who is the Political Leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) which collaborated with the CDC, said Boakai is on borderline due to his poor health.

Boakai, he contended has aged enough and will soon leave the stage of life, claiming also that the CPP Chairperson is living on battery and that there is a high possibility he can drop at any time due to his poor health condition.

“The former Vice President is not a presidential material for now because of his poor health not even for the vice presidency,” he said.

PYJ also predated that the political leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings will leave the CPP because he will not want to go as a vice president to Boakai who is very sick and old.

Senator Johnson said Liberian political history has proven that an Americo- Liberian or someone of Congo descent will never go as vice president to a native man, an indication that Boakai is a native and Cummings is an Americo-Liberian.

“Americo –Liberian of which Alexander Cummings is a part believes that Liberia belongs to them and it is only them can lead the country with the native as vice president,” Johnson said contrary to calls against Congo-Native politics believed to ignite the senseless civil war.

He  said, “this man is unfit to become president. He has health problem. He is using battery. This old man is ungrateful. This man was dying here and no one could help him.  Dr. Weah took him for treatment. Today, is that the thank you he has to offer him?   Then you call him little boy?”

“I think he should retire from politics now. Even if he becomes president tomorrow at his age(which he will not become), and  he dies, Urey will like to go in his place. That is why Urey is supporting him,” he said.

With  respect to the Collaborating political parties going as a single unit in the election, he  said the CDC of president Weah will  defeat them in 2023 presidential elections. “We will beat them flat come 2023.”

Senator Johnson further encouraged the CPP Chairperson to retire from such a presidential ambition because of his poor health.


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