Boakai Lobbies With Top US Officials

President-elect, Joseph Nyumah Boakai yesterday morning met at the State Department in Washington, DC for a meeting with the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Pheeand the Anti-corruption and Sanctions Committee.

A source familiar with the meeting, though unable to provide specific details, disclosed that Boakai passionately shared his vision for Liberia’s future. He emphasized the need for sustainable economic development, educational reform, and the consolidation of democratic institutions. He said Boakai further expressed his commitment to improving healthcare services, eradicating poverty, and empowering the youth.

Phee attentively listened, recognizing the weight of Boakai’swords, commended him for his election to Liberia’s highest post, and acknowledging his dedication to his people and his willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue. On behalf of the US Government, Phee expressed the desire to support Liberia in its pursuit of progress.

The conversation moved beyond the mere exchange of ideas as the meeting transitioned into a collaborative brainstorming session, according to our source. Both leaders identified areas of potential partnership, ranging from trade and investment to security cooperation and educational exchanges.

They emphasized the importance of strengthening democracy and promoting good governance in Liberia, as these were key pillars for driving prosperity.

President-elect, Boakai was inspired by the depth of knowledge displayed by Phee throughout the discussion, the source revealed. Phee shared valuable insights and experiences from different countries in Africa, offering perspectives on successes and challenges alike. The Liberian President-elect felt immense gratitude for the commitment of the United States to the African continent.

After a fruitful discussion filled with shared goals and aspirations, the meeting concluded with a renewed sense of optimism. Boakai and Phee sealed their commitment to work together towards a brighter future for Liberia with a firm handshake before posing for group photo.

As Liberia’s President-elect, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai soliciting serious support from the Joe Biden-led Government of the United States, sources have further disclosed that a huge support has been promised by some top officials in the U.S. Government in supplementing the efforts of the Boakai-led government.

According to our source, these officials have reportedly assured the new Liberian leader of their commitment to help in fighting corruption which has over the years destroyed the country in the hands of the minority power-greed Liberian officials who have continued to live with impunity while the ordinary drawn in abject poverty.

“The imposition of sanctions by the United States Treasury Department on corrupt Liberian officials, and human rights abusers will continue until these individuals desist from their evil acts against the majority; we will help this new president in this regard,” a U.S. source quoting Biden-led Government insider noted.

“The imposition of sanction by the U.S. Treasury Department should not be considered by those designated sanction individuals as witch-hunt, but rather it should be applauded by Liberians who have been the direct victims as a result of the culture impunity being enjoyed by these officials. We have seen the suffering of the Liberian people, it is about time that Liberians realize that this is a good thing to sanction those in the habit of doing that,” the source further added.

For the outgoing President, George Manneh Weah, report says he has seen some pillars of his political system sanctioned by the United States. His successor, Joseph Boakai, has made the fight against corruption a priority, with the support of Washington, which wants top officials of the former government removed before his January inauguration.

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