Blessed Are The Cheerful Givers

MONROVIA-There are always some people in life, who will always remember the bridge that crossed them in difficult time, and the genuine sense of belonging will always be featured in their lives, thereby the beauty of appreciation shall uniquely form a cardinal portion of extending their hands to the rock from when they were hewn.

Today, such praiseworthy gesture hits the jackpot, when    Students at the Dominion Christian Institute were joyful when some former students of the school presented copybooks and other items to the administration for them (students).

Early Monday morning members of Visionary Class of 2008-2009 visited the campuses of the Dominion Christian Institute (DCI) with cartons of books which they said were procured by them for kids who are in need at the school.

Presenting the items to the President of the Dominion Christian Institute Alumni (DCIAA) for onward turning over to the school administration, Evangelist Joshua Says George said it was their way of giving back to the school that made them.

He said as a class, they saw the need to reach out to their alma mater with a helping hand for the kids.

“When we were here, we had our difficult times and after leaving, we see it important to come and give back to this institution which made us” he said.

Evangelist George who represented the president of the Visionary Class indicated that what they presented should be given to kids who are in need.

Items presented include three cartons of copybooks, four dozens chalks, two jars of sharpeners, two packs of pencils and two packs erasers to be distributed to the lower elementary division of the school.

Receiving the items, the President of the Dominion Christian Institute Alumni Association (DCIAA), Mark N. Mengonfia praised the Visionary Class of 2009 for the gesture.

He said, “This is a good initiative by the class.” Mengonfia pleaded with members of the Visionary Class of 2009 to merge their efforts to see how best they all can make the Alumni Association a vibrant institution that will at all times be there for the institution.

In a remark, the Dean of student, J. Yourvor Kollie said, “ Let me take this special time to say a big thank you to the Visionary Class of 2008-2009 for given back to where you came from.”

He continued: “You have shown signs of gratitude may God bless all of you for such thoughtfulness.”

According to him, this is what is expected of students who graduated form a particular institution.

He told the students, “You people should be happy that you have Alumni Association that has decided to look back. For some of us we can only say we graduated from school on paper because our school is no more.”

At the same time, Mr. Abraham Mason also thanked the class and told the students that the items will be given to those who are in need of it most.

“We look at people who are vulnerable and give these to them” he assured the student populace.

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