BIVAC Appears Before Full Plenary Today

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Today, February 2, 2021 is the day agreed by the plenary of the House of Representatives for BIVAC to appear before it for ‘disrespecting’ that body and to, as well provide necessary information as it relates to their operations in Liberia.

The House of Representatives on last Thursday unanimously voted to summon the authorities of BIVAC for what they call ‘constantly disrespecting them,’ the people’s lawmakers.

The members of the House recounted that they have over the years extended invites to BIVAC to appear, but their invitations have been treated with ‘total disrespect’ thus causing their oversight responsibility to be impeded.

The institution is appearing under contempt based on a decision that mandated the Sargent-at-Arms at the House of Representatives to ensure that the communication is delivered to the proper authorities.

At the same time, the House has discussed and agreed that the institution [BIVAC] after reportedly failing to show up before that body on Thursday, they should make available 73 copies each including their agreement that certifies them to operate in Liberia, Article of Incorporation and those who are shareholders in BIVAC, a business registry and all other legal papers or documents requested of them.

Montserrado County electoral district seven Representative, Solomon George said Global Tracking and Marine Services (GTMS), BIVAC and all other tracking institutions are in the act of duplicating functions; while Representative Vincent Willie of Grand Bassa wants them [Lawmakers] to take the right decision that will bring what he calls relief to the people they represent.

BIVAC and GTMS are all tracking institutions who are responsible to track importers goods from abroad. Fees are attached to their services provided, but according to the lawmakers, their services are causing more harm to the importers than good.

Dixon Siebo said, the more increments are made by APM Terminals and all the tracking service providers, the more prices increase and the more people will leave Liberia’s port to transact to other ports near Liberia.

Representative Siebo said, “We putting so many difficulties on the importers.”

The expected appearance today was triggeredby a communication by Representative Matthew Joe who wrote his colleagues complaining about the increment in tariff by the APM Terminals Liberia, but this one communication has unearthed other issues which according to the lawmakers need to be investigated so as to bring a total relief to importers in Liberia.

Their discussions seek for review most of those agreement which they said are not in the interest of the people of Liberia.

If all the ‘ bogus’ and business unfriendly contracts will be reviewed or revoked, today will tell based on what decision the people’s lawmakers will come out with.

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