Bility, Urey Descend on Boakai

The embattled Chairman of the opposition Liberty Party, Musa Hassan Bility has predicted the inability of former Vice President Joseph N Boakai to reach the second round of the forthcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections.


Speaking in a live podcast on the recent ordeal by opposition leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, and former Vice President Boakai, Musa Bility stated that there was ongoing maneuvering by surrogates of the Unity Party to convince the opposition block into supporting the UP against incumbent President George Manneh Weah.


The LP embattled Chairman frowned on the all-but-me posture of the Unity Party to the detriment of other opposition political parties into believing the Unity Party political leader, Joseph Boakai must be coronated by all members of the opposition without competing was unacceptable and undermined the spirit of a united opposition.


He stated that the agony and frustration expressed by both Benoni Urey and Henry Costa are legitimate and show how former Vice President Boakai harbored a deeper insincerity toward a united opposition.


“Look, this opposition unity Boakai and his surrogates talking about is far from sincerity. The Unity Party has bad blood with the ALP, LPP, CPP, and LINU among others. So, tell me, how are they to lead a united opposition when they’ve created bad blood all over the place,” Bility wondered.


Bility said the consent posture by folks of the UP to deploy surrogates to insult members of the opposition with a decreasing view contrary to the presidential ambition of the UP is wrong and speaks volumes of the inner intent of the Unity Party-led government under the stewardship of Joseph N Boakai as President of Liberia.


He questioned the leadership of Mr. Boakai by his inability to unite the rest of the nineteen opposition Presidential Candidates going into the October elections simply because of ‘greed.’



“There are 40 political parties in the country, Former Vice President Joseph Boakai needs to tell us, why he doesn’t have a harmonious relationship with any of the political parties,” he added.


“How do you expect to win an election by bragging all over the place as being the best? You’ve created a monster for yourself, and you cannot reach the second round in this October elections.”


“Look at the way you’ve treated the ALP. Do you think those people happy today; do you think they will trust you tomorrow? No, they cannot because they’ll still remember how you treated the ALP as your most trusted ally throughout difficult moments,” Musa Bility said.


Touching on the ongoing controversies within the Liberty Party versus the involvement of the Unity Party’s Standard-bearer, Joseph Boakai as chairman of the former Collaborating Political Parties, Musa Bility said Am. Boakai turned a blind eye to resolving the impasse all because Senator Nynoblee Karnga-Lawrence is his strong ally even though he believes he and Liberty Party were legally right on decisions taken in the interest of the party.


This week, Benoni W. Urey, the political leader of the All-Liberian Party (ALP), expressed strong disapproval of the opposition Unity Party (UP) and its Standard-bearer, former Vice President Amb. Joseph N. Boakai. Urey accused Boakai of engaging in tribal politics to recruit members from the ALP to join UP, leading to the disintegration of their collaboration.


Benoni W. Urey, the political leader of the All-Liberian Party (ALP) said, “We believe that all Liberians were united in their love for the country. In the best interest of Liberia, we made certain decisions, thinking they were for the greater good. But if you fight for your country and it turns its back on you, what options do you have?” Urey lamented.


According to Urey, the ALP has withdrawn its support for the Unity Party due to the treatment received by ALP members within the UP. He asserted that the ALP will make it known to the UP that they cannot be ignored as they possess considerable electoral influence.


“Several of our candidates were coerced to leave us simply because they hailed from the same tribe and county. Tribal pressures were used to disrupt our unity. These were individuals we had worked with for six years, and it was disheartening to see them turning against us,” Urey explained.


Urey clarified that it was not the ALP that abandoned the Unity Party but rather, the Unity Party that abandoned the ALP and even managed to attract some of its members.


“If we had participated in the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections alongside the Unity Party, they would have treated ALP members as if they were insignificant. They snatched away one or two legislative seats that we had nurtured and strengthened over the years. They exploited tribal divisions and forced our members to join their party. But I want everyone to know that we are not foolish and won’t be manipulated in such a manner,” Urey asserted.


Regarding the upcoming elections, Urey stated that the ALP would decide which party to support based on their interests. However, he made it clear that if the ALP chooses not to support the Unity Party, he would not align with them, but instead, support the party chosen by the ALP, emphasizing that nobody owns Liberia.


Recounting the disappointment and betrayal he felt, Urey expressed, “When you work closely with a group for six years, and at the last moment, they tell you they want nothing to do with you anymore, it is the ultimate betrayal.”


Regarding the Democratic Alliance, Urey explained that they initially considered it as a fallback option but later rejected the idea due to internal party confusion. He accused Boakai and his supporters of hijacking the alliance’s documents and the funds sent from America to open the alliance’s account.


Urey refuted claims of visiting Boulevard Palace for discussions with President George M. Weah, stating that he has direct and unhindered access to the President and has no need to meet at the Palace, as alleged by UP partisans.


Concerning the future and the upcoming elections, Urey urged ALP members to focus on supporting their 36 new candidates for the legislative seats. He emphasized that protecting the votes was crucial for electoral success and that the change Liberia needs should start from the Legislative Branch of Government.

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