Bility Eyes Nimba County District # 7 Representative Seat

By Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-As Liberians gear toward   the general and presidential elections in 2023, numerous politicians    are now engaged into humanitarian developmental programs across the country.

One of such politician is the Opposition Liberty Party’s National Chairman and Businessman Musa Hassan Bility who in recent time, launched the Musa Bility Development Foundation in Nimba County.

During  the launched  of the Foundation, Bility,  who is a son of Nimba County disclosed  that  he was going to embark on a developmental programs  with the objective  to rehabilitating  and constructing  the various roads across County.

According  to him,  the earthmoving equipment  that his foundation took   into  the county was  intended  to give back to  his motherland  that gave  him birth  to success  in business.

Bility disclosed at the occasion that the roads connectivity projects was not intended for any political benefit, but a humanitarian gesture.

However, due to his road connectivity developmental programs that have connected more towns and cities within Nimba County, citizens of Bahn located in District #7 have petitioned Musa Hassan Bility to contest for the Representative seat ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

Nimba County District #7 is presently represented at the legislature by Roger Domah who was elected in 2017 general and presidential elections.

But with the missive road construction developmental projects, the Citizens of Bahn are provoked to petition Bility.

The Citizens presenting their  petition over  the weekend,   through  the social media, indicated  that their decision  to petition the Liberty Party’s National Chairman  and  a son of the area  was due to   the developmental programs carried out by his foundation including  the building of   markets, roads   as well as other support given to the youths within their communities and towns.

Bility then appreciated the citizens for such a request but promises to respond shortly.

With such, political pundits believed that the Liberty Party’s National Chairman was  in the know of the Citizens’ decision and he was working politically to win the admiration of  the citizens within that part of rural Liberia through his roads and markets projects.


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