Big split in CPP

MONROVIA-The Collaborating Political   Parties (CPP)   is facing  a serious leadership crisis with   the constituent political leaders of the frame work document of the CPP.

Recently the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander Cummings walked out of a leadership meeting  on grounds  that  the other three political leaders  of  the Unity Party , Joseph Boakai , the All Liberian Party  Bedoni Urey and Liberty Party Senator Nyonblee  Lawrence  of  not going  in line with   the CPP Framework document .

One of Mr. Cummings contention was the extension of the chairperson of the CPP, liberty Party political leader Nyonblee Lawrence that is fully supported by rest of the two other constituent political parties political leaders that included former Vice President Boakai and that of Mr. Urey.

Mr. Cummings also opposed the voting of the CPP Standard bearer through a block voting process that is not included in the frame work document.

Following  the walk out in  the executive meeting of the CPP by Mr. Cummings  as a protest of  his objection  to   the violation of  the CPP Document ,  the  three other constituent leaders Mr. Urey , former vice President Boakai , Senator Lawrence   addressed  the media on the issue  of  Mr. Cummings walking out of the meeting and other relevant information.

The Chairperson of the CPP Senator Lawrence  said   during  their meeting,  they requested for  those among them  who have interest  in becoming  the standard  bearer   of the CPP   to make   their intention known.

According  to Senator Lawrence , Unity Party Political leader former Vice President Joseph Boakai   told  them , in   the meeting  that , he Was chosen by  the Unity Party  to contest  for  the CPP standard bearership  while  the  Alternative National Congress  political leader, Mr.   Alexander Cummings informed  the gathering  that , he was going  to inform  his partisans  so  that  that they can make a decision  through a convention.

Something she said was welcome by all of   the other political Leaders requesting him to inform them the time so   that all of   the political leaders of   the CPP  can be in attendance.

The CPP Chairperson further indicated that during their meeting, the body requested Mr. Cummings to give them the time line for his conviction, something according her Mr.  Cummings did not give credence, indicating that it was not a part of the Framework document of the CPP.

For the All Liberian Party Political Leader Benoni Urey admitted of some shortcomings with   the CPP Framework.

He indicated  that during  the signing ceremony of the CPP framework document, there were five original copies of  the document  with  the objective  of one copy was going  to be given to each of the political leaders and one  for  the National Elections Commission (NEC) .

According to him, since they signed the CPP framework document, he Urey, Senator Lawrence and Boakai are yet to get their copies of the CPP Framework document.

With such revelation by Mr. Urey  that  they do not have  the CPP Framework document,  it  is clear  that  the leadership of the CPP  is working contrary  to   their agreement  that has been detected by Mr. Cummings.

In his pledge to keep the leadership upholding the CPP Framework document, the Leadership of the Unity Party invited Mr. Cummings  to attend  their endorsement  of  the former vice president Joseph Boakai  as  their candidate for  the CPP Standard bearer; that  which he rejected  and condemned  that it was not  in line with  the agreement.

The rest of the political leaders of the CPP  were in attendance only Mr. Cummings  who is now  a lone person, who  is going contrary  to  the  violation  of the CPP Document.

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