Beer Factory Faces US$9K Lawsuit

MONROVIA-The Human Resource Manager at the Beer Factory Incorporated has been arrested by sheriffs of the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for nine thousand, nine hundred (US$9,900.00) United States dollars.

Managers Stephen G. Scott arrest came as a result of the Judge’s order to have him arrested and brought before the court to answer  said criminal case.

Judge James E. Jones order was predicated upon a complaint filed by Matt Waye accusing his boss of refusing to pay him US$9,900 dollar as co-administrator of the intestate estate Matt Waye.

According to a ten count complaint before the Debt Court, the estate of the late Jeda Tor was the owner of the real property situated at Bushrod Island, Tweh Farm Community which Beer Factory leased in 1957 for a period of 64 years. Prior to Jeda Tor demise in 1961, he executed a will naming and apportioning properties he owned to several family members.

The court document narrated that Monrovia Breweries inc. (defendant) was duly informed and has been dealing with him regarding its occupancy of the properties where it is undertaking its beverage/brewing and other activities as part of the engagement with the administrator.

According to Waye, in the performance of their duties, he notified the company that payment of the lease rental of US$9.900.00 as provided in the agreement was falling due and that he (Waye) expects the company to pay the rent not later than May 22, 2021.

He further narrated that considering the unjustified unwillingness and the purely diabolical and devilish determination of Beer Factory to deprive him of just money apparently because of their position in the country’s economy; adding that the factory had repeatedly ignored and disregarded the request for the family representative to meet and have the lease rental paid to them.

He explained that the company’s willfully abused in the matter subjects under the law and an action of debt is the proper redress.

“I have posted the appropriate amount of bond US$15,000.00 to holistically indemnity the company against any losses it may incur or damages” Waye said.

The lawyer representing Waye, Cllr. Jallah A. Barbu prayed the court to see the dilemma of Club Beer and the intransigence to act within the scope of the law without compulsion.

Cllr. Barbu also prayed the court to hold the company liable for debt it owes Waye and the family in the amount of US$9.900.00 and to compel them to pay following factual and legal reasons.

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