Bea Mountain To Give US75k to communities

 MONROVIA-The Bea Mountain Mining Company Management has committed herself to make an annual payment of United States$75,000 for the purpose of community development in both the Matambo Corridor in Tewor District and Seimavula Clan in Porpkpa District.

Making the disclosure Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at a daylong meeting held with both stakeholders of the districts and the locals, BMMC Company’s Country Manager, Debah Allen, said the announced amount will increase the moment the companies begin their active mining of gold from the area. He informed the residents and district authorities that the pronounced amount will only be released to a constituted committee that will be inclusive of representatives from both the Matambo Corridor and Seimavula Clan in Porpkpa.

Commenting on the recent protest staged by the residents of Bangorma Town, the BMMC Country Manager frowned on the organizers and warned that continued protest can kill the appetite of any responsible investment company that has come to invest in the economy of the country.

Responding to the issue of digging gravels for the community dwellers, Mr. Debah Allen bluntly told the Bangorma Town residents that the BMMC Company is a multi-million dollars investment company that cannot subscribe herself to artisanal mining purposes but vowed to give the community ten days of gasoline supplies for the daily running of the town generator. The meeting was graced by District#3 Representative Emerson Kamara, a proxy for Senator Varney Sherman, Cllr. Clearance Feika, Gola Konneh, and Porpkpa Statutory Districts Superintendent Frank Sheriff, Tewor District Acting Commissioner Mohammed Sheriff, Tewor District Acting Paramount Chief including other local authorities.

However, the residents of Bangorma Town have constituted a ten-member committee to serve as mediators between the residents of Bangorma and BMMC management. Wednesday’s meeting ended with the citizens of both Matambo Corridor and Seimavula Clan agreeing to meet on the first Wednesday in every month to discuss those issues that will be affecting the various towns and communities.

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