Bea mountain gives US$11,000


DARBLO CLAN–Bea  Mountain Mining  Company-BMMC,  has given cash of US$11,000(Eleven thousand united states dollars)  to three clans in Grand Cape Mount county.

In addition to that, it presented 450 bags of rice and 30 gallons of Argo oil.  The donations were done on Wednesday, August  10, 2022.

This was in fulfillment of its commitment to the three clans; Darblo, Mana, and Laar. It is a monthly feeding program for the elderly in those communities.

This was carried out after a  memorandum of understanding was reached by the company and citizens in  Gola Konneh district in early May this year.

In the MOU, the company committed to providing monthly support to the vulnerable and elderly people in the district.  This support to the elderly is separate from its corporate social responsibility program.  Over the past time, the company has constructed a school, police station, market building, and Clinic and made check donations to other communities. The company said as a responsible entity, it sees it necessary to give more support to the communities it operates.

Making the presentation of the items, the Community Relations  Superintendent  Mr.

Henry Vincent said a  total of 450 bags of rice, 90  gallons of oil, and a cash amount of $USD 11, 250 for the three clans. ($USD. $3750 for each)  were given.

He added:  “The Company agreed that from the beginning of this year, there will be monthly support.  So, today, the company has come to make fulfillment to the people of the Darblo and the other clans. So, what you see here today, runs for three months, it runs from May, June, and July. So, immediately as of August, September, and October, we will come with other rations.  It is for all of our elders. Women and men will benefit from the company.”

Receiving the items, the Statutory District Superintendent, Frank Sheriff commended the company for living up to its commitment.

“Fulfillment of commitment is good. When you commit and fulfill. We are one family.”

According to him, such a gesture from the company was welcoming and shows that   BMMC was concerned about the welfare of the people living in the communities in which they operate.

He also called on the citizens to see this gesture as goodwill for the upliftment of the elders and promised that the issue of violence will no longer exist under his administration but rather use the dialogue approach to resolve issues.

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