Bea Mountain Disburses US$50,000 As Micro Loan to Citizens of Kinjor

MONROVIA-The Management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC)  on Friday, April 7, 2023 disbursed a cash amount of US$50,000 (Fifty thousand United States dollars) to Citizens of Kinjor in Grand Cape Mount County.

The amount is part of a microloan and saving scheme provided by BMMC and is intended to help empower citizens of the area and take them out of poverty.

According to the media team of the company, the money is part of the company’s commitment to the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) agreement entered into with old Kinjor and Larjor.

The money will help citizens of the communities to be empowered and reduce poverty.

Speaking at the ceremony in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, The Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf commended the Management of the company for honoring the agreement it signed with the communities.

Minister Sirleaf also lauded the citizens for maintaining peace and coming on the table with the company in moving their communities in the right direction.

The Internal Affairs Ministry boss said “I want to say to you citizens of the communities, thank you, and it is because of the importance attached to this meeting that I am here.  “This is what we have been advocating for and we will work with the company to achieve it. We can’t achieve this in the midst of confusion.  We cannot achieve this in so many agitations. The time for agitations is over and you have your place on the table and Clan Development Fund is now available.”

“I want to say to you the people enjoying in Kinjor, we must continue keeping the peace. Yesterday I spoke with the President that I was going to come here and speak to the citizens and I told him about the microloan and saving scheme for our citizens that will empower them and reduce poverty.  The President asked me to tell you to thank you for keeping the peace in Kinjor. I have been in Kinjor many times from the old company to this New Liberty and I came here many times when there were issues,” he said.

However, Minister Sirleaf was quick to remind the beneficiaries that the money is a revolving fund that must benefit other members of the communities. He called on them to wisely use the money so it can multiply for other members of their communities to benefit as well.

“This is a revolving fund which the beneficiaries will benefit for other people to benefit too. We need to train our people. This will help this money to grow to reduce poverty in our communities. The entire money is in three phases. Today is US$50,000 according to the MOU,” he warned.

Also speaking, the Advisor of the BMMC Community Relations Department, Madam Aminata Kamara commended BMMC Management for keeping to their commitment to improving standards and for helping to alleviate poverty in their operation areas and the nation of Liberia. She thanked the Liberian Government and citizens of the communities for their unflinching partnership in working with the company for the betterment of all.

Madam Kamara assured the communities and the government of Liberia that the company will ensure everything in the agreement is adhered to.

“Thanks for the partnership. We will ensure that those things in the Resettlement Action Agreement (RAP) are implemented.  I can assure you that BMMC will not fail on what we agreed on in the Resettlement Action Plan.  We are giving US$50,000 today and this is in addition to the US$50,000 given earlier. By the grace of God, the other US$50,000 will come soon. Thank you for everything and thanks for your patience and we pray and hope that this money will be multiplied,” she added.

At the same time, the beneficiaries who couldn’t hold back their joy overwhelmingly lauded the company and promised that the money will be multiplied for other members of their communities to benefit. They also recounted how the financial intervention by the company had been a great help to them.

One of the beneficiaries, Boakai J. Swaray said “I Want to thank Bea Mountain for honoring the Resettlement Action Plan. I want to also thank the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs for standing with us. We will ensure the multiplication of this money, we started with US$3,000 to now US$10,000. Go to Tajah and you will see what we have done. We will continue all our grievances through the right channels.”

Madam Oretha Kai Tubman said “I am a business person, but sometimes I fall. But since this microloan started, I tell God thank you. I have my small bar and I added it to the guest house. I thank the company for this program. “

Also commending the company was Madam Cynthia Kai who said “I want to say thank you to Bea Mountain and others. I am a testimony for this microloan. My former husband left me with six children. But through this money, I have been supporting my family happy.”

Mr. Francis Pailey, a beneficiary also said “From tis money I have a block factory. I am very happy today. People are now buying bricks from me. I have three children and two have graduated from high school and now in universities right now. I want to say thank you to Bea Mountain.”

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