“Be The Catalysts For Technological Revolution”

-Prof. Johnson Gwaikolo Tells BlueCrest University College Graduates

MONROVIA-Speaking on the theme: The Benefit of Work Integrated Learning, Dr. Johnson Gwaikolo challenge the graduates of BlueCrest University College to be the catalysts for technological revolution.

“Love what you choose to do and choose  what you love to do” he told the graduates.

The Chairman on Education at the House of Representatives delivering the third commencement address of the BlueCrest University College on Saturday March 20, 2021 urged National Government to invest in education especially for the young people in both theoretical and practical which he noted is key.

Dr. Gwaikolo also stressed that interest should be placed in governance, accountability and transparency.

He wants those who provide internship program for graduates to ensure that it is done in a holistic approach in other for it to have a National flavor.

“A strong knowledge in your area of specialty does not only guarantee you a good job but practical abilities, skills and disciplines is required”, he told the graduates.

The BlueCrest University College third Commencement speaker was also quick to emphasize that corporate education and or work integrated leadership is very important and meaningful to the growth and development of the society.

He stressed that there has to be some structural means put in place at which graduates after a four year study program can have the opportunity to get into the job market and not to wait for another four years in searching for a job.

According to him making advances  in technology also gives you a greater opportunity than before.

“Do something different if you must make a difference in the society”, he encouraged the graduates.

Professional Gwaikolo at the same time paid homage to the BlueCrest University College for helping to laid the foundation for the graduates especially in the Information Technology sector of Liberia.

He furthered  that “IT” plays an important role to help eradicate  poverty and create jobs through small and medium skills opportunities among others.

Also speaking at the program was the President of BlueCrest University College Dr. Umesh Neelakantan who noted  that his institution having set the stage for “IT” education in Liberia, mission is to be renounce and the best educational platform in Liberia.

He reminder his graduates that learning is a never  ending process as such he encouraged them never to be disappointed with small failures but to be respectful, focused and determined in their pursuit of achieving their respective goals in life.

“IT” which he noted is the backbone to any sector and society” was also quick to emphasize that education is key to build a resourceful capital.

Dr. Neelakantan also disclosed that the BlueCrest University College now have some plans in the making to offer Masters in Information Technology, Cyber Security and many others.

The BlueCrest University College which has been  been providing quality education to Liberian students since 2015 also at the end of its third commencement and convocation exercises put out over 120 graduates in various disciplines including Information Technology, Management and Fashion and Design among others.


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