Be grateful”-Thanksgiving Day Preacher Tells Liberians


By Mark N.

It is legislated that every first Thursday in November of each year be celebrated as a national holiday to give thanks to God for all He has done for the people of Liberia and people in her borders.It is in this direction that Liberians today gathered at various places of worship centers to sign praises to God for what He has  done.One of the places of worship is the Dominion Christian Fellowship in Congo Town where the President of Liberia and other officials of the Liberian government and partners gathered in commemoration of the event.

Serving as preaching was, Wheneta W. Kekeh, Head Pastor of the  Victory Temple, Graceland Annex.With text taken from Luke 17:11- 19, the preacher told the congratulation in particular and Liberians in general the need to look back and see where God has taken them from. 

” Do not forget where God brought you from” the preacher said to the congratulation who has gathered for the Thanksgiving service.Pastor Kekeh said when God sees your gratefulness for the little He has given you, He will add unto you more blessings.”As Liberians let us remember that our freedom is in God” she added.Additionally,  the preacher said, it has to be God to have been with Liberia over the years and through the COVID-19 period that the country and it’s people were not consumed by the virus and other negatives which came across the Nation.

President Weah

At the end of her preaching, she offered prayers for Liberia asking God to have mercy on the country and it’s people and as well requested that Liberians at all times pray for the President and those in authorities of the country to enable them perform their duties.

The Thanksgiving service at the  Dominion Christian Fellowship observed various songs Ministers preaching through sweet melodies as  pastors offered prayers for the national. Prayers was offered for a peaceful December 8,2020 elections at the same time Bishop Isaac Winker offered prayers for the Nation and government.The like President Weah, many of those who attended the program were in white symbolizing peace while others had on mixed colors of clothings.

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