Bassa Supt. Threatens To complain Radio stations

By Saykpepo Innis

Buchanan, Grand Bassa _ Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh of Grand Bassa has threatened to file an official complaint against the management of Radio Dukpah and Radio Magic FM to the Association of Community Radio Stations in Liberia for  what he called unethical reasons.

He made the statement recently In an interview with Journalists during the dedication of the extension of the police commander office of the County project on the Fairgrounds, Hon. Baikpeh alleged that management of the both stations  are in act of giving their platforms to individuals to preach divisive politics which according to him has the propensity to divide the County and its leadership.

The Grand Bassa County Superintendent said the job of a community radio station is to promote messages of peace and development and as such, he will  not sit as a county superintendent to allow the radio stations to divide the  Bassa People.

“As student of fact from a criminal justice background, if I accuse  any one of an allegation, I must be able to provide facts.  The time Radios Dukpah and Magic are taking to have their airtime wasted, it should be used to promote peace and  unity”, the Bassa Superintendent added.

He used the medium to call on the two Radio Station managements to not go against people, because they do not support their parties, but should engage in balanced reporting.

He lamented that the both stations  always criticizing people who are appointed to serve on Educational Committee in Bassa that they do not have  knowledge in the field of education.   He  added that the Manager of Magic FM was appointed to serve on the Health Committee.  Let him tell me if he is a medical practitioner?”

“Whenever journalist is speaking on critical issues, he must be balanced and also give the audience the chance to speak on those issues under discussion freely, he added.

“We remain committed to speak to the management of the two Radio Stations who are believed by some citizens of Bassa to be a Liberty Party Stations,” he concluded.



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