Bassa Belt Pivoting to Cummings


RIVERCESS- The Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, over the weekend honored an invitation from the Rivercess Chapter of the Liberty Party. The purpose of the invitation according to some  party   officials within the Liberty Party was to introduce Mr. Cummings to the People of Rivercess.

The programs held in Yarkpah Town and Neezuin were attended by high level officials of the LP including its  National Treasurer Wadei Powell, Youth Assembly Chair Onesimus James, County Chairman Daniel Gbassagee among others with Chairman Musa Hassan Bility joining the group in Neezuin.

Earlier on Friday night, during a radio interview on Radio Gbehzohn in Buchanan, the ANC flag bearer promised to fight corruption with every  fiber in his body from day one of his presidency. “Don’t call it corruption. That’s a beautiful way to put it. It is stealing – stealing from poor and destitute people. That has to stop and I will lead by example,” Mr. Cummings in a rather strong tone said.

When asked about the performance of the CPP in the just ended by-elections in Bomi , Bong, Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties, Mr. Cummings wasted no time to take ownership of it, blaming it partly to the crisis that has engulfed the CPP. He was also quick to underscore the need for the CPP to fix her in-house problems and “quickly present to the people of Liberia the alternative to Weah’s poor handling of the country,” said Mr. Cummings. He however pointed out that the ruling party also did not win a single seat which according to him is a clear demonstration and evidence of the anger and resentment of the people with the poor state of the economy.

On the bright side, he lauded the victories of opposition candidates and promised to reach out to them in an effort to build a strong and united collaboration to take on Weah.

Speaking on the economy which according to him is the crux of everything, Mr. Cummings encouraged  the legislature to not allow itself to be used as co-conspirators to the looting of state resources clearly orchestrated by the executive to rob the people of this country through ‘legal’ means – the national budget. A budget of almost US$800 million – the highest in our country’s history is reportedly debt-based. This is concerning. To finance those debts, someone has to pay.

Unfortunately, you the poor people will pay with high commodity prices beginning next year’, he continued. ‘This must stop and it has be you, me, all of us together in 2023 to make sure of that,” a passionate Cummings lamented. According to the ANC leader, Weah and his cronies are on a grab and go spree because they know that the Liberian people will and can not endure another six years of this nightmare of a government.

The visit of Cummings to Rivercess according to political pundits is strategic, considering the Bassa belt is the second largest voting belt next to the Kpelle. A consolidation of Bassa support in  Grand Bassa, River Cess, Margibi, Bong and Montserrado counties  will boost his already swelling approval ratings leading to the CPP primary and the 2023 elections.

It can be recalled that the Standard Bearer of the ANC has toured Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Gbarpolu, Nimba, Margibi and River Cess counties during the last four months in his drive to better acquaint himself with the people and as well as get a first hand knowledge of the conditions and challenges of the people of those counties.

Mr. Cummings faces UP’s Joseph Boakai some time next year  in what promises to be a hotly contested CPP primary to select a face to battle Weah in 2023. He has vowed to make Weah a one term president, stressing ‘Liberia cannot afford another six (6) years of a Weah presidency.

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