Bad Road Causes Hardship In Southeast

The deplorable road condition in the Southeastern parts of Liberia is said to be hampering the smooth movements of residents of that part of the country as some of the roads are becoming impassible with the heavy down pour of rain in recent months.

It is reported that vehicles traveling in the Southeast are usually stuck in the mud for several days and weeks before reaching their final destinations. The situation has prevented goods and services from reaching parts of the southeast as residents struggle mostly during the rainy season.

The difficulties along the Southeast route, particularly during the wet season, cannot be overemphasized, according to Minister of Public Works Ruth Coker-Collins.

However, she pointed out that, given ongoing initiatives deeply embedded in Liberia’s rural areas, the government’s commitment to resolving that is apparent.

While it would take some time for those initiatives to spread throughout the Southeast, Minister Coker-Collins continued, “We have started some minor works that will see no vehicles stuck during the rainy season.”

The Minister praised the Weah administration and said Public Works continues to work for and deliver on better living conditions for all Liberians and those residing in Liberia.

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