AYOWEI Boss Underscores Need For Substantial Investment In Women

Madam Leelai M. Kpukuyou-Browne, the Executive Director of the African Youth and Women Empowerment Initiative (AYOWEI) has stressed the critical need for substantial investment in women’s empowerment across Africa.

She made the emphasis recently in a powerful address at the First International Conference on Gender Equality held in Ghana, under the Theme: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in Ghana and West Africa.”

The Former Secretary-General of the Liberia Business Association (LiBA) took the stage in Ghana to deliver a technical presentation that delved into the realms of women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in Ghana, Liberia, and West Africa at large. Her insightful discourse resonated with international guests, prominent gender advocates, Ghanaian dignitaries, and heads of various international organizations who gathered on the eve of the 2023 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

During her presentation, Madam Kpukuyou-Browne highlighted the prevailing gaps faced by African women and entrepreneurs. She passionately advocated strategic measures to bridge these gaps, emphasizing the pivotal role of substantive investment in women’s empowerment initiatives.

In her own words, she declared, “It is imperative that we recognize and address the challenges hindering the progress of women and entrepreneurs in Africa. By investing substantially in women’s empowerment, we aren’t only uplifting individuals but contributing to the socio-economic development of entire nations.”

Madam Kpukuyou-Browne has a rooted prowess and  background as a gender advocate, entrepreneur, global business consultant, development specialist in both the private and public sectors and also in the area of Foreign Relations, all these summed up and positioned her as a force for positive change. For years, she has dedicated her efforts to advancing society, with a particular focus on youth and women in Liberia and the West African Continent.

As Liberia undergoes transitions, Madam Kpukuyou-Browne emerges as a key figure capable of making a significant impact on the international stage. With her multifaceted expertise in sectoral development, diplomacy, and activism, she stands poised to contribute to the restoration of Liberia’s image and serve as a commendable representative of the new Liberian government. Mrs. Kpukuyou-Browne remains an asset to her native land ( Liberia) as such, no time is appropriate than now in serving her country as Liberia goes through a governance transition. Seeing Mrs. Kpukuyou-Browne on a global stage brings more dividends to Liberia as she has all the pedigree for international image building.

In the quest for a more equitable and prosperous Africa, Madam Leelai M. Kpukuyou-Browne continues to be a beacon of inspiration, advocating for the empowerment of women as a cornerstone and strong support base for societal progress and enlightenment.

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