Darous Dillon says an ‘Eye for an Eye’


MONROVIA, August 12-Montserado County Senator, Hon.  Abraham Darous Dillon said his peaceful posture does not mean his weakness and if they are thrown with stones, he will also do the same. He told a local radio show Wednesday.

“Violent is not good anywhere. It kills the peace, it hurts the  growth  of the country and discourages investors from coming to the country and keeps our people poor an dour country under  develop. No one should engage into violence,” he said.

But he said, that does not mean they should stand and be attacked by opposition supporters.

“You chunk rocks (throw stones), we will chunk rock. That is if you do not chunk rock, we will not chunk rock,” he said.

He added that when the ruling party, Congress for Democratic Change conducted its primary elections in various districts in Montserrado county, there was not stone throwing by anyone against them.

“When the CDC conducted their primary, there was no stone throwing, no body intruded.

CDC was given the space to operate. We in opposition, have the democratic tolerance to allow people to exercise their democratic rights.

We in in the opposition, We have always been the victims of violence with no action taken Taila Urey almost got killed in district 15. Her brand new car got busted up. No body got got  arrested, prosecuted or held liable for the violence.  In District 13 blood was spilled, video was available, to see Jefferson Koijee(Monrovia City Mayor) there leading gangsters.

Have you heard of any punishment? No. no.”

He added: “It is simple. We willing to to campaign.  We will be peaceful. Then  when people throw  rock, we will standup and they chunck us?  Than our blood spilled. That thing is stupid.” TNR

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