Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles Leads WANEP-Liberia National Coordinator

MONROVIA-The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding in Liberia (WANEP-Liberia) has endorsed Atty. Tonieh Tarley as the institution’s new National Coordinator.

The decision was reached at the end of a -two-day Annual and General Meeting (AGM) recently.

The AGM decision resulted to the changing of Madam Victoria Willie as well and board members.

WANEP, a non for profit Civil Society working group (CSOs)  took Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles as  its National Coordinator, while former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Cllr. Francis Johnson Allison was also added as board member.

The meeting that was held in Monrovia from July 8-9, 2021, brought together representatives from the 23 Civil Society  organizations that are members of the network under the theme, “The Rule of Law: An Indispensable Ingredient for Liberia’s Peace and security.”

Madam Wollie, the outgoing national coordinator in an interview told reporters that the meeting should have been held between January and February, but  due to so many challenges including the COVID-19, it was postpone   to July putting into place all of the preventive health measures to ensure participants’ safety.

The former WANEP National Coordinator indicated that the meeting allowed the 23 network CSOs organization to   receive reports and endorsed policy as well as make decision for the proper running of the institution.

Madam Wollie said WANEP-Liberia has been involved in many advocacy work surrounding the peace and security of the nation since the end of the war.

She referenced the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET) and said it is one of the programs within WANEP that has promoted women peace and security in Liberia.

Madam Wollie named the conflict prevention program, the governance and human rights program that allow them ensure peaceful election through awareness and electoral reform to address future violence.

She said the organization has also been heavily involved in addressing  and speaking to the issue of sexual and gender based violence.  This, she said is intended to  address a campaign  geared towards providing a “save environment” for women and girls in Liberia.

Joseph D. Howard, Executive Director, Center for Justice and Peace Studies one of the networks organizations under WANEP, said meeting was an opportunity that is created for all WANEP’s actors to be able to meet and reflect on programs, review policies, and plan for future activities through instituting new board members to ensure that their visions and missions are achieved.

Additionally, he said the annual meeting helps the institution to look at it pass records and as well improve where necessary and strengthen their work.

Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles, WANEP-Liberia National Coordinator appreciated the team for the confidence to serve the institution and pledged her full commitment to the growth of the institution.

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