BY Melvin Zawolo Doloquee/Nimba County

MONROVIA-Police in Nimba County has arrested a 38-year-old man who is also a Representative Aspirant of District#8 in Nimba County for theft of property.

Police in Ganta disclosed that Mr. Ezekiel Domah, 38, has been arrested and detained at the Ganta Police Detachment for allegedly stealing the amount of L$250,000 from his friend who accommodated him while on a visit in Kakata City, Margibi County.

According to police in Ganta, Aspirant Ezekiel Domah’s complaint was filed to the police by his friend from Kakata City who alleged that the Representative Aspirant was hosted by him and slept at his residence.

The complainant explained that during his stay in his room, Aspirant Domah allegedly stole L$250,000 from his room and has been on the run since the incident.

Our Nimba County Correspondent disclosed that following his arrest, Aspirant Ezekiel Domah’s family provided L$20,000 to the complainant and promised to pay the balance in a few weeks.

According to information, the complainant refused Domah’s plea to pay the balance money in a few weeks and requested the police who went with him to take suspect Domah to Kakata where the alleged crime occurred.

Our correspondent said supporters of Aspirant Ezekiel Domah who gathered at the Ganta Police Station and saw their aspirant being arrested for allegedly selling have threatened to halt their support to Aspirant Domah.

Eric Dolo and Samuel Dolo told our correspondent that the behavior of suspect Domah has brought disgrace to them. According to them, following their return to the district, they will call on supporters and friends of Ezekiel Domah to find a new political home as the person they wanted to lead them has a bad criminal record and therefore, cannot be entrusted with a leadership position.

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