“Arrest Gays, Lesbians…”

-Baptist Preacher Calls, Describes Same Sex Practice as Criminality, Ungodly, Predicts God’s Wrath, and Destruction upon Liberia If…

Saint Solomon Joah, a mid-Baptist preacher and Superintendent of the Soltiamon Christian School system, situated in Fiamah, 24 Street Sinkor, Monrovia, has called on Liberia’s Ministry of Justice(MOJ) and the Liberia National Police(LNP), to immediately begin arresting, detaining, and prosecuting all Homosexuals and Lesbians in Liberia, describing the practice as completely criminal and ungodly, something he warned will destroy the Liberian nation if the Liberian government fails to adhere to his caveat.

“Marriage in the Liberian setting (western & traditional) is between man and woman and not man and man or woman and woman,” he said.

Recently some members of the Lesbians Gays Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Liberia called for recognition, protection and even alarmed over discrimination against them in the country.

According to chapter 1, section 1 of the Statutory and Customary Marriage law of the Republic of Liberia “Customary marriage” means marriage between a man and woman performed according to the tribal tradition of their locality;

In an exclusive interview Monday with the New Republic newspaper, the fire-burn Christian prelate advised that: “Homosexuals, Lesbianism, or same sex marriage practices, are a criminal act and they are highly ungodly. It is against the principles upon which this nation was established, and it is also against social and Biblical teachings and norms hence, I am calling on the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police to arrest all homosexuals in this country because they’re criminals engaged in criminal act.”

“When we were coming up as kids, we were thought that it was a wrong thing for man and another man to live together to behave like husband and wife. We also learned that it is wrong for woman and another woman to live together to behave like husband and wife. This act was also responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomora. This is against the laws of this country. It is against the Bible, and it is also against good moral societal values. Homosexuality is an act of dogs, and it does not represent us human beings. It is inhumane and should not be encouraged in Liberia in any form or means,” prelate Joah insisted.

The Baptist preacherman, being fully cognizant of the difficulties of enforcing such law within the Liberian society, further expatiated that: “We are aware that our cause may not be adhered to but, we want to let the Liberian Government to be aware that they are under obligation to save this country from he calls ‘bunch of criminals’ calling themselves Homosexuals, Lesbians or same sex marriage people.”

Asked on the wide-ranging arguments which border on violation of the rights of couple of same sex marriage and or homosexuals, and Lesbians, prelate Joah also replied that: “It is no one’s right to violate the law. There’s no right in violating the law of this country. Our laws allow for Man and woman to get marry upon which they’re duly certificated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is even accepted by the Holy Bible. There’s no law guaranteeing same sex marriage or homosexuality in Liberia. This is total nonsense that must be eradicated within our society. Those who practice this act are dogs, and they do not need to be amongst civilized people of this c world.”

The separatist preacher also cautioned that: “It is time for the Government to act by arresting these people or else, the time will soon come when all shall fight to redeem our country.  It may not be a physical war, but the spiritual war will continue in an endless way because, today, as we speak, the very people who are charged with the responsibility to ensuring that good prevail over evil are the very ones that are fighting us at various government ministries and agencies, especially those responsible for the direct enforcement of the abolition of such practice within our  community hence, let me acknowledge that we may, or may not, achieve our objective of kicking homosexuals and Lesbians out of Liberia. They are very powerful people with lots of wealth. These people, on a daily basis, are convincing groups of lazy and frustrated young men and women to join them. They have used and continue to use money and or wealth to influence these young forces. This is serious societal issue that must be tackled hands on.”

Ask what will he do if the government fails to take heed to his warning, the Christian prelate also replied that: “We’ll sue them (the Liberian authorities, especially the Ministry of Justice and the LNP) to God. We want them (the government of Liberia) to know that God spoke about these in the Holy Bible, and we are not surprised that the society is heading this way today. All we are saying is that we are informing our people on the dangerous and confused direction in which our society is headed, something that I am calling on all well-meaning Liberians to join hands to stop now before it gets too late.”

Pastor Joah also accused Liberian public officials of denying and selling the country’s birth right for little or nothing on a daily basis.

“From what we continue to here on a daily basis, we have gathered credible reports that our public officials are marketing the birth right of this country. We do not have the hard facts, we however want to let you know that from our own interactions and experiences, our public officials are not doing well for this country. They are selling the birth right of this country every day and night only because of small money which I consider to be little or nothing.”

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