Armed Forces of Liberia Pilot: A Fashion Dream Realized At Aa Fashion Show

By Samuel G. Dweh

MONROVIA-The day was the 15th of March, 2022—a National Holiday of Liberia in honor of the Country’s first President Joseph Jenkins Roberts.

The venue was Destiny Event Center, situated along the Street (named Tubman Boulevard), Capitol Bye-Pass, Monrovia. A huge banner publicizing the event was against the wall (at the parking lot for cars) Atop of the banner was “Ducor Fashion Week” with the name of the event organizer—Blowjay Clothing, founded by one of Liberia’s popular producers of attention-gripping body wears for all ages of persons, Agatius Coker—Chief Executive Officer. He is also a modeling coach, and is into movie production business through acting. Names of expectedFashion Companies/House, sponsor of the Show, and media partners occupied another part of the banner.


The time was after 7pm. The hall was full with participants.


When the Master of Ceremony announced “Blowjay Clothing Line” to showcase its productions, a dark-complexion, 5 feet 8 inches height man appeared at the entry point of a wooden exhibition stage, and climbed. He was in a net suit made from lace. He looked to the body of watchers seated by his right-hand side, turned to the group of watchers at his left-hand side, looked straight ahead, and started marching to the end of the Runway, his movement in rhythm with a melodious Jazz-like sound coming from a musical set stationed opposite the entrance of the Runway and being operated by a young man with a black headphone hanging around his neck.

“He is a Captain and Pilot of the Armed Forces of Liberia,” the event’s Master of Ceremony announced to the audience of watchers.

Seconds after the announcement, resounding sounds from clapping of hands shot out from the audience and lasted while the captain was returning to the dressing room.

After his first performance, other Models, over forty, in youth bracket came up on the Runway and showcased fashionable suits of guest Fashion Companies that hired them. One of them was an albino, named Masuppee Dolly, a member of the Albino Society of Liberia.

During the second exhibition, the Armed Forces of Liberia Pilot appeared in a coat (suit) colored Green and Black.

Hired to cover the Ducor Fashion Week, I was most astonished from seeing a top National Security Officer walking on the Runway. This was my first time seeing such thing throughout my 40-plus years. So, I asked him for his contact number for an exclusive interview days after the event and to produce a feature story from what I had seen him do at the Fashion Show. I also thought about adding information about his Military life, and his family background (extended and nucleus).

“My love for the Fashion Industry came from watching fashion shows and seeing pictures of great fashionistas when I was a kid around age nine,” AFL Pilot Jerreck Jeff Dwanah said to me during an exclusive interview. “My love became a burning desire, to see myself on fashionable suits showcasing stage, called Runway. I am inspired by Nigerian Fashion personality, named Ebuka” he explained.


Captain Dwanah: In his Air Force uniform.


Prior to the Ducor Fashion Week, the top Air Force officer had not participated in any fashion show, he admitted.

“My tight working schedule could not allow me to participate in any fashion show. Although I am not a model, but my sense of fashion put me in a position where many fashion show organizers give me that opportunity to showcase that other unique part of me and add some different taste to the event,” he said.

He explained further: “Some of the Fashion Shows I have attended in Liberia are Runway Liberia International and Miss Earth.”


AFL Pilot Jerreck Jeff Dwanah, Jr. in action (on a Fashion Runway).


The military man said he is associated with many Liberian Fashion Lines. “Some of them are Africanno Designz, owned by Patmol Cole; Fashion Moro, owned by Sheik Lagufre; and Runway Liberia International, owned by Junda Morris,” he said.

He said, the two designs (Green mixed Black Suit and Net Wear) he promoted at the Ducor Fashion Week were produced by top designers- Brown Inspired of Nigeria and Momo Thomas Vaii, of Liberia (MTV Clothing Line).

“I was invited as a Guest Walker at the Ducor Fashion Week by Blowjay Clothing, organizer of the Fashion Show,” he said.

The Army officer was connected to the Ducor Fashion Week by a close friend, named Sheik Lagufre, Chief Executive Officer of Fashion Moro, and one of the Directors at the television arm of the Monrovia City Corporation, (MCC TV).

“Sheik said to me: ‘Your participation in the Ducor Fashion Week will certainly add some good taste to the show’, and truly my participation was greatly honored by the organizers,” he said to this writer.

What message, through his participation in Fashion Show, is he sending out to other top national security officers of Liberia and those of other countries? I threw another question to him.

“The message is that, no matter your national security profession and rank, you can also get involved in what you love doing, which is your artistic passion as long as it is not against your military ethic. And that is just what I’m doing with my fashion life,” he responded.

On his families, top Air force Officer and fashionista Jerreck Jeff Dwanah said he is the biological son of Mr. Jerry S. Dwanah, Sr. and Musu C. Massalley (deceased).

“My parents are of the Kpelle tribe of Bong County, Salala District Lower Bong County,” he said.

On his personal family, Captain Dwanah said he is married to Mrs. Diana W. Dwanah, and the union is blessed with a daughter—named Ms. Sophia Morlyn Dwanah.

“Captain”, as he is affectionately called by his peers, joined the Armed Forces of Liberia in 2007 when he was in his teen age and residing in the Police Academy Community in Paynesville City, he disclosed when the interview shifted to his military life.

He became a Pilot in 2015.

Three of the positions he has occupied in the AFL between 2007 (the year he joined) and 2022 (current year) are: Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, and Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans and Policy (present position), he said during the interview.

He had travelled to few African Countries—Nigeria and Ghana—for Military Trainings, sponsored by the Government of Liberia.

“My love for being a fashionista actually started while I was on military training in Nigeria, and more steam to this love came from seeing pictures of Nigerian fashionista, popularly called Ebuka,” he said.

Two of those who showcased fashionable wears with AFL Pilot were a Politician, and a Basketballer. I spoke with each of them.

“My name is Walter Blamo, a politician, and Chairman of the Youth Congress of the Liberty Party,” the first person I interviewed said to me.

The sportsman said to me: “My name is Otis Landford, a Basketballer of The Cardinals Basketball Team, A 2nd Division Side in the Liberia Basket Ball Federation.”

Two kids and students also exhibited designer’s suits. One was Caritius Coker, age 7; and Ms. Terrilyn Curry, age 8.

The Ducor Fashion Show organizer, Blowjay Clothing, enumerated several benefits of this event.

“The keen objective of Ducor Fashion Week is to have a Fashion House that will inculcate young designers from diverse backgrounds in universities and vocational institutions to have a place to practice and explore their talents. This facility will enable these young professionals to gain opportunities to expand and grow in their art,” the Company disclosed one of the benefits in a Statement read at the Ducor Fashion Week.


Samuel G. Dweh, a member of the Wedabo Ethnic group of Grand Kru County (situated in Southeastern Liberia), is a member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), and former president of the Liberia Association of Writers (LAW)


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