Archie Ponpon threatens to Commit suicide

MONROVIA-Leroy Archie Ponpon has threatened to do the unthinkable again on grounds that he and his family have gone  out of cash to handle his need thereby putting him in a position of regret to be alive.

Ponpon is continuing his protestation over his alleged two years salaries owed by the Government of Liberia.

Archie Ponpon took to his Facebook page on  March 1, 2021 threatening  to end his life before night falls as all effort to get support has failed.

He wrote on his official Facebook page: “the day ends all finance received from people like you all. How do I eat today, my daughter lunch, my son feeding all ends today, and month have ended no salary yet?”

According to Ponpon, if things like cash run out, than it will cause him to regret being a living person if he cannot get some money before night falls saying “somebody will feel my next action; everything for me is cash.”

He preferred to have died than to regret that he needs something before night.

He added: “I need money to reach out the JFK and care for my children, I don’t  want to regret living. I am saying month has ended Mr. Samuel Tweah. If anybody by the minister of Finance tell him I need money.”

On November 2, 2020, Archive Ponpon, head of the judicial workers and Righs activist sets himself ablaze for delay on the part of the judiciary branch of government to settle 12 months salaries owed them.

Prior to the November 2, 2020 incident, Ponpon and his co-workers have been protesting at the grounds of the Temple of Justice referring to the Chief Justice Francis Korkpor as ‘rogue’ something which led to a dismissal threat and investigation by the Ministry Of Justice.



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