ArcelorMittal Training Academy

In a bid to uplift Liberia’s youth and foster economic development, the ArcelorMittal Training Academy, situated in Yekepa, NIMBA County is making significant strides by offering free technical and vocational training to aspiring young Liberians.

The academy, an initiative of ArcelorMittal Liberia stands as a beacon of hope for the region, providing essential skills and opportunities to the next generation.

Recruiting bright minds from across Liberia especially in the three host counties of Grand Bassa, Nimba and Bong counties, the academy selects smart and young individuals for each training cycle.

After a rigorous evaluation and vetting process, the promising young Liberians are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that includes hand-on work and training in electricity, welding, mechanics, and other vital trades.

The training program equips them with practical skills and knowledge, preparing them for a promising future in the technical workforce.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the ArcelorMittal Training Academy is that it operates with a mission to offer this training at no cost to the trainees.

The company shoulders all expenses, covering lodging, meals, and even stipend for each participant.

This approach ensures that financial barriers do not hinder the growth and development of eager young talents seeking to improve their lives through education and training.

The impact of the training academy is undeniable, as it not only elevates the prospects of the individual trainees, but also contributes to the growth of the local and national economy.

By fostering a skilled and empowered workforce, the ArcelorMittal Training Academy plays a vital role in building a self-sufficient and prosperous Liberia especially in the technical, mining industry.

Local communities around Yekepa have witnessed the positive effects of this initiative, with graduates finding gainful employment both within ArcelorMittal Liberia and outside, enhancing their living standards and contributing to the overall development of the country.

At times, ArcelorMittal even hires all graduates.

The ripple effect of the academy’s efforts extends to improved living standards, reduced unemployment rates, and enhanced technical capabilities within Liberia and in the West African sub-region.

This makes the ArcelorMittal Training Academy in Yekepa stand as a testament to corporate responsibility and a driving force for positive change.

By investing in the youth and providing them with essential skills, the academy not only transforms individual lives but also paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous Liberia.

The significance of this initiative cannot be overstated, illustrating the power of education and industry collaboration in shaping a promising future for the nation.

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