“Appalling & Worrisome”

…Justice Ministry Describes Court’s Verdict in Drug Case

 MONROVIA-Barely few days after Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court “A” at the Supreme Court of Liberia handed down a not guilty verdict in the $ US 100 Million Cocaine Case, the Ministry of Justice has sharply reacted to such decision describing it as “appalling, shameful and worrisome”.

Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank M. Dean Jr., noted that the verdict clearly undermines the collective and sincere efforts of Liberia and its international collaboration to combat illicit drug in West Africa.

He stressed that for the Country to play its role effectively in the global fight against drug trafficking, money laundering, and other drug related crimes, there must be concerted efforts from the three branches of Government.

The Justice Minister indicated if the Executive, through the Joint-Security of Liberia is committed towards tackling the menace, the laws of the country should be able to compliment such efforts.

Cllr. Dean pointed out that it is worrisome and shameful for courts in the Country to be setting free hardcore criminals when pieces of evidence are overwhelming relative to their indictments.

“There was 100 Million United States Dollars’ worth of drug stacked in a container that landed in Monrovia, and the accused were caught red-handed attempting to take ownership of the container holding the illicit drug by attempting to bribe the businessman housing the container, yet the court, through the empaneled 12-man jury noted that such brazen evidence did not warrant a guilty verdict. What more can the joint-security, and the Justice Ministry do to convince the court that the law was broken” he distorted.

The Justice Minister mentioned that the ruling has also brought the country into public disrepute.

Cllr. Dean stressed that it beats his imagination that the drug smugglers will go in hiding after the verdict was handed down.

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