Apologetic Vice President


-VP Taylor Offers Apology Again

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has again apologized for the second time just in the space of twenty-four hours (24Hrs).

VP Taylor

The Liberian Vice President on Tuesday during the induction ceremony of the Women Legislative Caucus offered another apology to the group’s international and local partners for not recognizing them in her official address during the program.

VP Taylor who served as the guest Speaker at the occasion failed to recognize the group’s partners for the role played and continue to play in supporting the caucus while delivering her keynote address.

Following the end of her address, the Vice President then took her seat and after few minutes hurriedly rushed back to the podium interrupting the program to apologize to partners of the Women Legislative caucus.

“I am very sorry I did not recognize our international partners and I sincerely apologize for that, because if I do not recognize our partners for the role played and still playing, they might not want to keep their supports coming, so, I apologize and it was an oversight,” Vice President Taylor said.

This is the second time that the Liberian Vice President is openly apologizing for her wrong doing, something many see as a bad start for the Vice President.

It can be recalled that Vice President Taylor offered open apology to President George Weah for going away from duty without the consent of the president, but further confirmed that she’s being away because she is the ‘face of women on the African continent’.

At the same time, the Vice President said the role of the Women Legislative Caucus is to articulate women issues at the level of the legislature and to properly represent the vast majority of the women of Liberia on both national and international scene.

VP Taylor indicated that it is incumbent upon the caucus to engage the view of the women and to find out what are their most significant issues that affect them so as to provide a lasting solution.

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