Angie Brooks Int’t Center Launches WSR Mediation Mobile

By: MARK B. DUMBAR (Intern)

MONROVIA-The Angie Brooks International Center in partnership with the Women’s Situation Room (WRS), Friday, May 27, 2022 launched its first mediation mobile clinic under the theme: “There peace is in our hands” as they bring mediation to your door step.


Several women, men, elder, town chiefs, clan chiefs and superintendents in Montserrado, and Bong Counties were highly in attendant to grace the launching program of the newly mobile clinic.

According to Cllr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh, the Angie Brooks International Center is in partnership with Global Liberia and the United Nation Peace Building to carry out mobile clinic in all participant communities.

“I am pleased to bring to your attention our priority funding which are crucial to the peace, security and stability of our beloved country”, she noted.”

The project, according to the organizers, is basic on sustainable and inclusive peace in Liberia through promoting women’s leadership and participation in civic and political life and their roles in conflict resolution.

She mentioned that the project is in ten communities in Montserrado County and another ten in Bong County at the same time.

Explaining Additionally, she said the WRS is a non for profit peace-building institution that brings together peace and empowers women in collaboration with youth to take ownership of peace processes in their communities before during and after national elections are conducted.

According to her, since the creation the WSR, the institution has played a major role in maintaining peace in Liberia and other six African countries to include: Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

Cllr Yvette Chesson-Wureh explained that in some of these countries, the WSR recognition has been implemented more than once as it effectiveness and efficiency in mitigating electoral violence, as the African Union through their agenda and the agenda campaign G-max adopted this name in 2012 as the best practice and recommended the replication in all African countries during elections.

Meanwhile, the establishment coordinator for the Angie Brooks International Center made it clear that the theme for the women’s situation room (WSR) is that peace is in our hands.

She mentioned that the WSR believes that the basic violent practices against women during the election process need to be mitigated in every community that involves in peacebuilding.

Speaking at the program, former Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Olubanke King-Akerele who is serving the Angie Brooks International Center as its chairperson of the board of directors, in a special statement about the WSR mobile clinic peace is important, adding, it is a very serious matter that needs to be observed.

She said it is taking place within the contest of Liberian women uniting once again for mass action for peace, “We started it two day ago; it was the mass action for peace that brought peace to South region lead by the women of Liberia.”

The Angie Brooks International Center board chairperson said Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia women were the ones that united the process sitting on the ground.

According to her, from the peace process in Liberia,  two daughters of Liberia that were given honors for their roles played in ensuring that Liberia returns to stability.

“Yesterday Bishop Kortu Brown, head of the Liberia Council of Churches spoke on the importance of peace in the nation” she noted.”

According to Akerele, there is lot of violence against women in some parts of the rural area that need quick attention.

She named some of those Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, and Lofa counties.


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