MONROVIA-What appears to be an exposure of the political leader of  the All Liberian Party, Mr. Benoni Urey came out from the Alternative National Congress(ANC)   this week  that there were  plans for him to become Vice president to  Joseph Boakai should he  become  president. Liberians are expected to hold election in 2023.

Appearing on Spoon  Talk late Monday, Mr. Aloysius Toe, the Secretary General of the ANC  said besides the changes made by  Mr.  Urey, there were plans  underway  for him, Urey to become  vice president and in the event if Mr. Boakai dies, he will assume the presidency and later appoint Henry Costa, (a radio talk  show host) as his vice president.

But Mr. Urey in  response  described the allegation as:  “all lies. There  is nothing truth in all that he said. I am not on  UN sanction list. That is the first  lie. I am not fighting with  Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence(the political leader of the Liberty Party-one of the parties in the Collaborating Political parties) in any way for position.  That  is the second lie.   That girl is my daughter.”

Toe  said he has recording(he did not play)  in his possession in which  the ALP leader is saying: “I know it will be difficult for a Congo man to become president, so I will go behind the Oldham(referring to Mr. Boakai)  so when he dies, I will become the president.” Boakai served as vice president for 12 years under former president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He is the current political leader of the Unity Party(UP), the same party he served as vice president.

“Urey has one objective: That is, Urey wants to impede the quest of Alexander Cummings for the CPP’s Standard Bearership through dubious means, and he believes he can win by every shortcut method possible. That is what Urey knows best.”

According to Cllr. Toe, a meeting was held at the  home of a CPP member(he did not give the name) on the Robert International Highway in which plans to attack the Chairman of the Liberty Party- Musa Bility was hatched.   That, to accuse  the  ANC   of tampering  with the political parties framework.  After that, they would  expel Bility. But that, he said, did  work, hence, a new strategy to attack Mr. Cummings. According to him, once Bility was  expelled, Cummings political base would  be weaken in the Liberty Party.

Mr. Urey said: “let us wait to get the report from the ongoing investigation set up by the body to know if the framework was tampered with or not.  If it comes out and proves  that someone tampered with it, they will deal with that person.”

“But I will not  give credence to what that boy is saying. All he said are lies.  I think he is looking for something different on me. But I will not  dignify what he is saying,” Mr.. Urey said.

But Cllr. Toe said  the  ANC  is not going to be the bobo party(meaning a mute party). Costa knows me well. He knows the text messages he sent me(he did not disclose any) before we broke apart. He is not going to try me anymore.”

Cllr. Toe   issued this warning: “They should not  attack  Alexander Cummings.”

That if such is done,   he would launch what he termed a  deadly and nasty political  attack on both Urey and  Costa.

“I have Costa and Urey part two coming. And if they ever attack ANC anymore, the one that   will come will be deadly and nasty. I warned them . I have the facts.   I monitored them.  Remember that I have been in advocacy for 25 years and I monitored the civil war. Any attack on the ANC,  I will  deal with them politically and even bring facts from the UN.”

According to  Cllr. Toe, Mr. Boakai,  has remained mute on the allegations that the ANC tampered with the framework of the CPP.

“What is even more interesting is that while Urey continues to lie and cause trouble in the CPP, nothing is being done to hold him accountable. The Unity Party’s Political Leader, Amb. Joseph N. Boakai and Liberty Party’s Political Leader, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence both know that Urey lied. Amb. Boakai remains content, and appallingly silent, in the face of evil lies against Mr. Cummings, because it benefits him politically to make it appear as a fight between Cummings and Urey. But we are aware and the evidence is irrefutable that this is Amb. Boakai’s proxy war against Mr. Cummings, being fought by a man with depraved indifference to decency, truth and honesty. Sen. Karnga-Lawrence has compromised her neutrality and independence and, instead, become an underground instigator and co-conspirator in the campaign of lies against Mr. Cummings, leaking internal confidential CPP information and communications to the public, including Costa, to denigrate Cummings, because she is working assiduously hard to become Amb. Boakai’s Vice President. It is a shame that the plot to ruin the CPP happened under her leadership.”

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