ANC Cummings carries out recruitment

MONROVIA-The Alternative National Congress-ANC on Thursday embarked on a massive recruitment exercise in a number of communities in Montserrado county.

“Today in District number  four Montserrado County, hundreds of citizens from different communities, including Rock Hill Community, Soul Clinic Community, Doe Estate Community  and FDA Community joined the ANC as we launched the National Mobilization Recruitment, & Membership Committee (NMRMC)MOBILE APP at the GRACELAND CHRISTIAN ACADEMY  in the FDA community at FDA junction,” officials of  ANC told reporters Thursday.

The recruitment  is part of strategy  by the ANC to  win more partisans into the party.

The party said it remains the only alternative political party in Liberia to tackle the numerous challenges Liberia is facing.

“As we draw closer to 2022, in spite of the current situations unfolding in the CPP, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) remains confident that our Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, is the only alternative for the Liberian presidency come 2023,” the official said during the exercise.

The party meanwhile expressed special thanks to Mr. Bill Barnes for staying with the process and the NMRMC, Indomitable National Youth Congress, & Chief of Office Staff Interns for a job well done.”

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