AML’s New Housing Project

ArcelorMittal Liberia has embarked on the construction of a new housing project of twenty-six concrete buildings at its Tokadeh Mines to accommodate 1,040 of its staff in Nimba. The project is under the company’s Phase II Project (Operational Readiness), within the Tokadeh Mine concession area.
The construction site is located along the main road leading to Yekepa from Tokadeh junction, covering a total area of 117,832.277 m2 or 29.12 acres of land.
ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Chief Executive Officer Josephus Coenen made the disclosure during a recent townhall with staff held simultaneously at different sections of the company’s operations in Buchanan, Grand Bassa, Green Hill Quarry in Bong, the Tokadeh mines, and Yekepa Township in Nimba.
“The wellbeing of our staff is a top management priority. It has always been our commitment to create the best possible and most conducive work environment for our employees. The Construction of these new housing units for our staff is also aligned with our strategic business objective, especially in the context of the Phase II Expansion project. The size of our workforce is seeing a significant increase, hence the need for us to expand and improve our facilities to accommodate them.”
CEO Coenen further announced that staff who will benefit from the new housing units at Tokadeh would still be provided housing allowances, to allow them to build homes for themselves and their families.
Explaining the scope of the Tokadeh housing project, ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Phase II Project Infrastructure Area Manager, Winnerford Prout Richards said the project construction will be done in two phases.
Richards said during the first phase which kicks off soon, accommodation units will be constructed for 520 staff, including a canteen, a gym, a laundry building, a recreation center, one facility management office, a mini clinic, a fence, three security booths and all other civil infrastructure, such as roads, drainages, water, and power supply system.
He said the second phase which is expected to commence in early 2025 will also see the construction of an additional 520 staff accommodation units, bringing the total number of accommodation units to 1,040.
Richards who is responsible for housing and accommodation under AML’s Phase II project said the site clearing ahead of the kickoff of actual construction works is underway, as other preconstruction activities for the site’s preparation are now being done, and designs have been approved.
“We’ve done the concept, we’ve done the site layout, and everything. So, we’re about to start clearing the site,” he said. “We’re hoping that we can commence the site clearing around early October.”
He lauded the management of AML for the drive to provide additional and improved accommodations for Liberian staff, especially in concrete structures.
According to him, the project will also bring life to Zolowee and other communities near Tokadeh, where the housing units will be constructed, as it will also provide jobs for locals of the nearby communities.
“So, the project will change the look of that place from what has been designed and will see additional empowerment for the locals.”
The Tokadeh Units construction is in addition to a blitz of renovations and construction of homes in the Yekepa and Buchanan concession areas of ArcelorMittal Liberia as part of its Phase II expansion.
ArcelorMittal Liberia concession areas have seen a significant improvement in housing and social infrastructure among which is the completion and restoration of the Buchanan Clubhouse for its employees and visitors. Services being offered at the refurbished multi-sport court and clubhouse include a gym, a tennis court, a bar, a gift shop, a nightclub, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a unisex salon, a recreational hall, dance studios, as well as restaurant and snack bar.


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