American Citizens Will Be Prosecuted

By Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The Chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LINCSA), Atty. Teklo Maxwell Grigsby has disclosed that the Liberian Government will prosecute any American Citizen who will come to Liberia and violate the laws of Liberia on small arms.

He said before taking over the LINCSA there were floodgates where citizens from America coming to Liberia believed that they have the right to hold firearms under American law.

According to him, those American Citizens were travelling to Liberia just like they are going on their farms with firearms.

He emphasized that his administration has put into place a bilateral relationship with the American Embassy through the Regional  Security  Office that is allowing the Small Arms Commission to take a track to prosecute  American citizens coming to Liberia with arms. He indicated that his office is obligated to share information with the   Regional Security Office.

Speaking Thursday on Truth FM in Paynesville, Atty.  Grigsby said information regarding small arms is documented and shared with the American Embassy granted the prosecution of American Citizens who will be in possession of firearms in Liberia.

He said the US Embassy was clear that it will not be involved with any of its citizens who will come to Liberia to violate the laws of Liberia.

Atty. Grigsby said they are working to ensure that when an American Citizen comes to Liberia and violates the country’s laws,  they should not only be prosecuted in Liberia but also upon their return to the United States, should be prosecuted for violating international laws.

He further noted that the Commission has asked for the needed international support to ensure that people in public offices do not use their discretion to violate the laws.


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