Amb. McCarthy Praises Jetty

…Says He’s An Example Of Many Things

WEALA-Outgoing United States Ambassador, Mr. Michael A. McCarthy, has praised Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva referring to him as an example of many good things.

Speaking to journalists following a guided tour of Mr. Sachdeva’s ‘Jeety’s Rubber LLC,’ Amb. McCarthy said one of the many good examples that Sachdeva who is more famously known in Liberia, as “Jeety,” embodies, is his civic volunteerism.

“There are things that Mr. Jeety does as a volunteer, things he donates, feeding the prisoners, among others,” the US Ambassador pointed out.

He added, “It is important that investors and citizens do things that benefit the greater society. But I also think that coming here today is yet another example of what can happen if you allow investors to come in.”

In addition to the rubber factory, Jeety is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of another business empire, Jeety Trading Corporation (JTC), a premier importer and distributor of hardware and building materials. He operates a chain of stores and has many other businesses, including real estate and travel agency, across the country.

Jeety’s Rubber is situated in Weala, Margibi County, where he is presently constructing the rubber factory that is believed to be in the tune of US$25 million.

Speaking further during the tour, Ambassador McCarthy, whose tour of duty ends mid-July 2023, indicated that foreign direct investment is the best way to move Liberia forward in terms of economic and infrastructural growth and development.

He called for uncontrolled risks to be avoided by the government and others in order to attract investments. According to the top US Diplomat, uncontrolled risks normally happen when one cannot trust a contract or the justice system in a society.

“There are easy things that can be done to bring more investors (in Liberia). For instance, if American and Western business people didn’t have to get a visa, they can buy a visa at the airport even two or three times the price, more and more investors will come.”

Touching on Jeety’s investment in Weala, Ambassador McCarthy described the construction as an investment in the future of this post-conflict nation.

McCarthy added, “This is a visual of how this country can turn around. Everyone agrees that what this country really needs to move forward is foreign investment and this is a perfect example. People who are coming to invest in the future of Liberia and the kind of investment that multiples.”

Ambassador McCarthy at the same time, praised Jeety’s hard work adding, “Even before they produce the first ounce of rubber here, this factory is already impacting the local economy. Jobs are already being created for Liberians in this area, outside of Monrovia. So, I think this is a wonderful example of what could happen if barriers are removed from foreign investment.”

He stated that the 57-year-old Indian investor, who has stayed most of his years in Liberia than in his native India, has trust and confidence in the country and that he feels comfortable investing his money.

At the end of Ambassador McCarthy’s tour, Weala’s citizens presented him with one of Liberia’s traditional shirts along with a hat to match.

In their statement, they stated that since Jeety commenced the construction works of his rubber factory, economic activities have improved in Weala and surrounding areas.

According to the residents, Jeety is leasing at least 50 houses from them and that is one of the ways in which he is helping to develop the local economy.

They disclosed that the owners of those properties have also embarked on the construction of additional houses in the township. The Weala residents praised Jeety for already employing about 300 locals who were unemployed.

“They disclosed that some of the citizens who have one house each can now boast of having between two to three houses in Weala. Mr. Jeety is building a free hospital for the citizens of Weala that cost more than US$300,000.

The citizens named the provision of scholarships to university students, pipe-borne water to six communities, and weekly feeding of over 300 children, among others as some of the initiatives that have and are being undertaken by Mr. Jeety.

“Since Mr. Jeety entered into our township, he has been working with us. Since we been in this district, this is our first time to see an investor who is down to earth. Mr. Jeety, because of your humanitarian service to the people of WEala, we have decided to confer a Liberian name on you called ‘Kolleh’. The meaning of this name is ‘white man.”

In brief remarks, Mr. Sachdeva expressed gratitude for the level of support he continues to receive from the people of Cinta Township, Weala, and the Liberian Government.

“I have the full support of every department of the government; they are supporting me wholeheartedly so I can start this thing. We are not planting any trees; we will buy rubber from every farmer in this country,” he added.

He commended President George Manneh Weah for ensuring the timely passage into law, the Tax Incentive Agreement.

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