Amb. Endee Launches Peace Festival Today

By: Mark B. Dumbar>

MONROVIA-The Executive Director for Liberia Crusaders for Peace and Ambassador for Culture and Tradition of Liberia, Queen Juli Endee has officially announced the launch of peace festival in Liberia comes August 17, 2022.

Speaking during the regular Thursday press briefing at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism on August 11, 2022, Ambassador Juli Endee disclosed that in June 3, 2003 Liberians and other stakeholders went to Accra, Ghana to found a lasting and peaceful solution to the Liberian Civil Crisis.

According to her, as a result, on August 18, 2003 in Accra, the comprehensive peace agreement was signed in the midst of eighteen registered political parties and the Government of Liberia, the defined world parties, the interest group under the leadership of ECOWAS, the United Nation, the African Union, the European Union, the International Contact Group of Liberia, the United State of America, the Mano River Union and other international partners.

She mentioned that the conference was originally planned to last for two to three weeks, but the conference lasted for three months.

However, Ambassador Endee narrated that the importance of the conference,  and the discussion held at the time, was in the interest of the Liberian people under the dynamic chairmanship of his General Abdu Salami Abubakar head of State of Nigeria and Mohammed Chamber, former president of ECOWAS.

“Let me give a special thank you to the United States Government through the Embassy for saving my life personally” she noted.

She further expressed more thanks and appreciation to the Government of Ghana for supporting the Liberia crusaders for peace daily and gave tickets for all Liberians to come back home.

She narrated that during the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement, we have benefited by having two distinguished presidents in persons of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and current President George Manneh Weah of the Republic of Liberia.

She narrated that President Weah, with a God-giving skill and as a united peace builder, engages the people of Liberia through sport with the support from artists of the Liberia music and dance association to promote peace to the Liberian civil crisis.

According to Madam Endee, the campaign of the Liberia Crusaders of Peace brought an end to the Liberian civil crisis through the establishment of Liberians that were in exile.

She mentioned that Liberians have enjoyed 19 years of peace that supersedes the 14years of civil conflict in Liberia.

“We need to look at it that Peace is not what we which for but, peace is what you say, what you do, and what you are”, she noted.

According to Madam Endee, it was from this background that in 2002 the Liberia Crusaders for Peace launched its first major performance.

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